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Creative Rhythms Drum Circle Dates at LAC Fridays 7-9pm

2019 dates: 5/17, 6/7, 6/21, 9/13, 9/20, 10/25, 11/1, 11/22, 12/20

Creative Rhythms Drum Class: 3rd Friday of the Month 6-7pm

2019 dates: 3/15, 4/19, 5/17, 6/21, 9/20, 10/15

Creative Rhythms Healing Drum Circle 6:30-8pm:

2019 dates: 3/25, 4/8, 5/3, 6/10


What is Drum Circle?  At LAC Drum Circle we just drum! Sandra Sabene CDCF guides us through some basics and welcomes any beginner with simple ways to keep the heart beat flowing. Anyone can drum! We have been drumming together every month since 2007. We love to relax, rejuvenate and ride the rhythm. Sometimes we start with a planned rhythm and everyone learns a new beat, but mostly we allow the night to take us all on a fun journey of expressing our uniqueness through rhythm and song. It's meditative, relaxing AND powerfully rejuvenating.

Are you brand new to drumming? No worries. We will guide you through every step. And if you want a lesson before drum circle begins, we offer beginner drum class right before our monthly drum circle.

New to drum circles?  Please take some time to review Drum Circle Etiquette.

Want to play along with us on You Tube?  check out this video

LAC Rhythm programs offer opportunities for connection, relaxation, creativity, self empowerment and team building events. Join a creative community and explore fun ways to communicate and connect with others. Rhythm programs may help: Reduce stress, promote wellness, relax the body, awakening the inner artist, discovering new ways to communicate, expressing trapped emotions, releasing energy, and so much more...

Drumming inspires community and connection

we are all connected through the rhythm of life. Every human and everything in the natural world moves to a rhythm. We simply slow down, become aware and sync into the flow. Life becomes more colorful, more purposeful and our hearts open to possibilities.

Discover YOUR Creative Rhythm today!

Join a creative community


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  • Community Drum Circles

  • Drum Classes for Beginners

  • Drum Circle Certification Training

  • Meditative Drumming

  • Drumming for Events, Corporate, Retreats, Schools


Group drumming is a unique, fun, invigorating activity to add spark to your next gathering, meeting or event.  This drumming program will inspire a group in ways you never imagined: build self confidence, learn to work together, listen to others, relax with rhythm, realize potential, find creative expression and verbalize ideas.

Call to find out how our program fits your goals with group facilitation.  We can offer space for groups of 45+ and we can offer programs for 100+ in your facility.  Our ability to diversify the program has helped bring rhythm programs into colleges, organizations, hospitals, and rehabilitation centers.  You'd be amazed at how much a drum can change the way to see yourself, those around you, and life in general.

Call for details:    (315) 234-9333


People from many different backgrounds are getting together to create connections through the sheer joy of drum rhythms. Drumming circles are the ultimate stress reducer, the Prozac of the natural world if you will. It is a time for everyone to get together and just be. Natural bio-chemicals in the body are released which help boost the immune system, among other things Inner chatter is instantly quieted, and a peaceful meditative state is often the result, as the drum connects with your own heartbeat. Adults re-learn how to play and have fun because remember, the drum is the ear of the Great Mystery. Peace on earth becomes a reality.


  • I am Mother Earth's heartbeat and the sacred gift of Creation.

  • I am the universal heartbeat of the seen and unseen worlds.

  • I put the drummer in touch with creation itself.

  • I speak to all people equally and peacefully.

  • I fulfill and create spiritual, mental, emotional and physical balance.

  • I am a powerful non-verbal form of peaceful communication.

  • I am the practice of peace.

  • I am renewal, re-growth and fulfillment.

  • I am the pulse of the Universe.

  • I am alert, alive and ready to move the drummer to another state of consciousness.

  • My top represents the sky.

  • My bottom represents the earth.

  • My stitching represents the warriors for peace who play me.

  • I am the ancient wisdom of the Ancestors.

  • The hand of the drummer is never raised in anger.

  • The hand of the drummer should not be raised above the heart, for I am peace, I release tension, emotional stress and mental fatigue.

  • I reconnect with the natural rhythms of the drummer.

  • I remind you that Creation is alive and sacred.

  • I take you to the dream world to let your unconscious speak with your conscious in safety and harmony.

  • When you play with me there is a synchronization of energy, a unity and a common purpose.

A Gift from Grandmother Selma - Ocali Nation


(315)234-9333    Liverpoolartcenter@gmail.com  101 Lake Drive Liverpool, NY 13088 USA

Medicine of the Forest by Edie Mann

Welcome Edie to share this beautiful healing song at our next Healing Drum Circle!