LAC Drum Circle

Monthly Community Drum Circle at Liverpool Art Center Every 3rd Friday of the Month 7-9pm

Everyone is welcome (especially beginners!)

Facilitation by Sandra Sabene Certified Drum Facilitator

LAC Drum Circle began in 2005


We meet at Liverpool Art Center Every 3rd Friday of the month 7-9pm

COST: $10/pp

We drum for relaxation, connection and wellness...but mostly we just have fun!

Research has proven that rhythm programs may help: Reduce stress and anxiety, promote wellness, relax the body, awakening the inner artist, discovering new ways to communicate, expressing trapped emotions, releasing energy, lower blood pressure, and so much more...

Never Been to a drum circle before?....a few things you want to know are:

* This event is substance free (no alcohol or substance use, sale or otherwise/we have no tolerance policy in place for the growth or our community)

* Take off all jewelry on wrist and fingers before attending

* All activities are optional

* We respect that all drum circles are run differently and honor the leadership of the circle's hosts

* We hold safe space for self expression without judgement

* The volume levels may be loud at times and quiet at times; follow the lead of the host to keep the balance for the group.

* This is an indoor drum circle with seating for 50ppl

* it's best to message or email to reserve a seat even if you have your own drum; it helps us set up the space so we can begin together

* The group attending is usually 20-40ppl of all ages and levels of experience

* Some rattles and shakers are available to use at no additional cost (besides the $5 for attendance).

We mostly just drum to the rhythm that we feel within. Sandra will offer some guidance at times and at the beginning for beginners. We often will lead with a song, flute, meditation or just a few simple rhythm seeds to get a nice layered rhythm going. There's lots of smiles, support and its energizing for most. SO I hope you join the fun! COME AND DRUM!!

If you have any questions not addressed here, email us at: