Creating with Spirit

  • Private Intuitive Sessions
  • Creative Coaching
  • Private Art Lessons
  • Private Group sessions

Sandra Sabene is an award winning energy artist, Reiki MT, creative coach and intuitive medium. Since 2002 she has offered arts & healing services to many who have struggled in search of creativity in their lives and how they can fully express themselves.  Through her own life challenges, she has empowered herself in many creative ways. Each direction she chose offered an exciting tool for her to express her joys, sorrows and grief. Through art, music and the rhythm of the natural world there are endless opportunities to explore our Sacred Selves.

* Feeling like you’re searching?...not sure what for?

* Feel like something’s blocked or just lacking a sense of connection?

* Are you feeling like you are overly critical or yourself and maybe even those around you?

* Are you ready to “just play” and not sure where to start?..or maybe forgot how?....

* Is there a sense of wanting to do something...but it’s not clear what to do? And asking our loved ones just doesn’t seem to help....



The answers are all inside! Sometimes we just need clarity...and maybe some inspiration or fresh perspective. A creative coach offers experiences in self expression and self awareness along with tools for accessing what’s within. Sessions with a creative coach are never about producing products...the time is spent reflecting and moving through whatever is causing us to search outside of ourselves....when we truly have all we need...within. Expressive arts helps us free up stick energy Expressive experiences help us move funky energy Expressing ourselves is the most powerful tool we have As a Creative Coach, I offer safe space, inspiring experiences and I can guide you through the art of letting go. Are you ready to just let go? Are you ready to feel present? Join me for a 60-90min session in our newly renovated expressive arts studio- Serenity Studios @LAC

Some topics that frequently come up during these session are: emotional blocks, creative blocks, clarity for life direction, well being, relationships and creative pathways.  These sessions are rarely about becoming an artist; this inspiration opens doors to places within...where we truly create our lives through thought and action.  The energy healing, intuitive messages and creative connections offer inspiring ways to raise awareness, gain fresh perspective and heal old wounds. Invite Sandra into your sacred space within and allow the magic to unfold.

"...My passion for helping others has propelled me since I was a very young girl. I am always reaching forward for fresh perspective and new ideas. Our world is in need of creative thinkers who think outside the box...break the box wide open and create with ignited passion for change! Change that will heal us from the inside out. Change that will build a new foundation for community, connection and creativity. This is the way to take action...prayer, inner healing and global inspiration. For the greater good of ALL."  it's more than art. It's a life mission creating global change; one creative being at a time.

Sandra's Healing Space

Enter into sacred space that invites healing energy into your heart and mind. The moment you enter, you feel at ease and comforted. Sandra offers all gifts to you with an open heart and loving intent. Enjoy a Reiki session, guided meditation, sound journey with 7 quartz crystal bowls and her mother earth drum. If that doesn't seem like a match for you, then maybe a quiet hour in a peaceful space connecting with yourself and Sandra's intuitive creativity? A spirit painting and intuitive guidance is so inspiring and relaxing. Most who come for private sessions allow Spirit to guide and they sink into the loving energy and go with the flow. It's your special time just for you! Come, relax and enjoy<3

Spirit Painting Readings with Sandra-Fioramonti-Sabene

  • Private session cost: $100
  • Event Session cost: $55
  • Private Parties: $55/pp (minimum 10 guests and travel cost for home parties $30)
  • Group/Events: $300 10-30pp

Your session with Sandra includes: Your Spirit painting, Intuitive Reading with recording and Color reference guide which offers tools and resources for balancing your well being.

 As you watch Sandra bland colors on canvas, your body, mind and soul are connected in ways that are impossible to describe. As images appear and transform, inspirations and confirmations unfold. As Sandra shares her experience of "painting with your energy" hear the words of your guides, angels and loved ones. The painting represents your "now" moment. Your joys and challenges, your relationships and growth. See what is unfolding in your life through creative connections.

Private sessions at Sandra's Arts & Healing Center: includes healing, spirit painting, intuitive reading, guided meditation, sound journey, crystal healing, recording of session(upon request). Session includes some or all of the above.

Event Session: 20 min. sessions include spirit painting, reading & color charts

Private Parties: Healing circle, Groups readings, private intuitive readings and spirit painting readings or demo by Sandra. (no alcohol or substance use before/during readings)

  • Group readings: groups of 10-30 guests enjoy energy and card readings, spirit animal connections & more. please contact for more details, there are some limitations for larger group readings $300
  • Private sessions for parties: $55/pp includes all listed in the event Spirit Painting readings


Discover A Creative Pathway to Your Sacred Self

Creative Coaching & Intuitive Guidance:

 Sandra offers insight and creative experiences during 30, 60 and 90minute sessions.  This time is yours to explore the creative potential that lives within. We all feel the calling to create….

Do you feel a deep yearning for the path of co-creation? Is there a sense of something missing? What is the block that holds us back? What are we are moving toward? How can we become more clear on our inner vision, creative potential and our personal process of co-creation?   The answers are all within our Sacred Selves. Use these creative and healing tools to simply raise your awareness, clear the brain fog and step onto your creative path. 

Creative Coaching cost:

  • Sliding scale fee $75 - $125includes supplies, guidance & possibly multiple sessions. 
  • Phone Session: $35 15-30 minutes

Private Group Sessions with Sandra

Many creative spiritual gatherings are taking place and inspiring supportive spaces for people to share, heal and create. Sandra brings many new ideas and creative spiritual tools to generate inspirations! Co-creation is a wonderful way to keep the passions alive. Invite Sandra to your sacred space or gather at her healing center and schedule a memorable event, workshop or training. Choose one or more from the list below or feel free to call and discuss your vision.

  • Spirit Painting Sessions
  • Meditative Painting Experience (guests paint with guided meditation)
  • Creative Coaching
  • Reiki Healing & Classes
  • Creative Visualization & Guided Meditations
  • Shamanic Journey
  • Sound Journey
  • Creating with Spirit 7 Week Course or One day workshop
  • Visual Journaling
  • Rhythm Experiences: Drum Prayer, drum circle, facilitated drum experience(helping you start a dc)
  • Book Club Facilitation: Living with Joy, Gifts of Imperfection,

Call for more details about any of these or to custom design an experience for your group