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“ I took the Drum Circle Leadership, rhythm program development, business development. It was truly a life changing experience. I hear the “heartbeat” in everything I listen to. The follow up support is great and I’m really hoping to go on and take more of these classes. I’ve personally gained a lot from it. I’m not musical but I can do this, and with confidence. Thank you again.” ~Cathy, NY

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Our facilitator training program offers a way to build community and also grow existing community with creative approaches.

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Rhythm classes, Drum Circle & Facilitator Training

See what people are saying about Creative Rhythms monthly drum circle, hand drum class and the facilitator training.

“After meeting the instructor at a conference and being exposed to the power of the circle I knew it was something we had to share with the North Country as we build a program which includes targeting mind, body and soul as part of recovery.”

“I will be working with my other team members to build upon our training experience to offer this moving forward to all those interested within our community. It is especially exciting that this is going to be e EBP moving forward and I believe will really be powerful within the population we serve and beyond.”

~Mary Anchor Recovery

“After the training I feel like I can create a program that fits my ability. I didn’t think I could lead a drumming circle, but I loved that I don’t have to be a real drummer to do this. I really believe I can bring this to my kiddos and make it fun.. They won’t even realize they’re learning.”

~ John D. Mexico

“ I spent all day this past Sunday with Sandra Sabene and 7 others drumming, moving to music, meditating, creating, listening, sharing, feeling, and being present and vulnerable in a safe space. I couldn't have asked for a more energizing, fulfilling day. From the moment I walked in, I knew I had found a kindred spirit!

~Melissa from Geneso, NY

“The staff loved the drum circle more than anticipated! We definitely wan to make this a part of our annual event and train our staff to help co-facilitate. This is quickly going to become our new favorite program with Sandra.”

~ Cynthia SU Student Services

“ Our families loved the mix of art and drumming at camp. We really needed something different. This was perfect choice. The drumming was a big hit. Most of the kids don’t stick around during free time, but when the drums were out, you could resist. Seeing all the families together was my favorite part of the weekend. Please come back again.”

~Rebecca Wilmington NY

“It was a great overall course. It sparked my interest. What we loved most was that we had the ability to practice what we learned. The practice event was insightful and helped solidify the lessons. Putting it into action made it seem possible to continue to grow the events with our community.”

~Mary Watertown NY

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Expressive Arts & Guided Meditation Programs

See what people are saying about Meditative Painting, Guided Meditations and Creative Jam Sessions (Part of the Creative Rhythms Series)

“I can finally paint again! Thanks to meditative painting, I found a way to shut off my brain. I am so grateful”

~Lynn Rochester, NY

“Watching Sandra paint was soothing and inspiring. It was like a meditation itself. I wanted to make something just as beautiful, but mine was mud and that’s okay. I finally can just let that go. I loved meditative painting and plan on getting paint to do it at home with my kids.”

~Diane Bridgeport, NY

“It’s so freeing to just paint! And the music was perfect. I never realized before tonight that music has such an impact on my art and the way I think. I got lost. Its just what I needed.”

~ Donna Utica, NY

“Sandra came to do a guided meditation at my church. It was the first time I ever tried to meditate. Her voice just put me in a relaxed place. I focused on my breath and I can honestly say that I meditated. I hope to make it a practice, but we’ll see if I can commit. This was sure a great way too start. I feel inspired.”

~Robert Glenns Falls NY


Retreats and Events

See what people are saying about our retreats and our Creative Rhythms programs for hire (art, rhythm & meditation)

“ I have been looking for a retreat that was in my budget but still felt like a get-away. This was it! The sanctuary was so peaceful. I didn’t want to leave. I loved how welcoming everyone was and even when I came late, I still felt like part of the group. Thanks for a great weekend! I’ll be back again!”

~ Meg from Syracuse