Women's Circle  Purpose Power & Peace.jpg

Women's Gathering ~

  Purpose, Power & Peace        

  Fri., Apr. 27th 6-8:30pm

Women Gathering in Sacred Creative Space
Join a circle of peers for creative connections including: Free-form expressive experiences, music, and conversations.
Enjoy an inspiring evening of connection facilitated by artist and creative teacher, Sandra Sabene.

What will we be doing?

  • begin a conversation
  • express without words thru art media
  • share our thoughts, ideas & visions
  • talk about our fears and hopes

Connect with all of our diversity....and still see ourselves in the eyes of our sisters

      PEERS for a PURPOSE

  • Why do we need to create sacred space?
  • Why should women gather and connect?
  • What can self expression open up?
  • How can we begin a conversation?

When women gather in circles, the world heals just a little more. When rhythm and songs are shared, we inspire change and growth. When we support and witness one another, we teach our youth how to heal the pain in our nations. With simple intentions, we have the power to make great change; one thought at a time.


We will be deciding as a group how we would like to share space.

Some experience we can choose from include:

  • Guided meditations
  • Art Journaling
  • Intuitive skill building
  • drumming, dance & play
  • vision board
  • journey thru rhythm
  • Share authors, art, music that inspires connection & change



This evening will begin and end with a healing guided meditation for creating change & connection



**This group will be formatted by Peer Spirit - The Circle Way.

** If you would like to become a member of this group and help with peer facilitation, please email Sandra:  liverpoolartcenter@gmail.com