We continue to RUMBLE

Review the Rumble Glossary and become more aware of when we put down our lamp...

What are your red flags that tell you ....your lamp (values) are not lighting the path you're on currently.

My red flags are: I am indecisive, frustrated and I seek people who will validate me or ask them permission to continue or which choice is better for me.

What are yours?

My Rumble strategies?....  I numb by keeping myself so over scheduled that I can't face what's calling to me and causing pain, emotional disturbance and chaos...OR I get lazy and stop all productivity! I watch TV, scroll Facebook, snapchat and anything else I can find to avoid....Over-functioning and under-functioning(see list)

WHEN I re-visit my lamp/values...I can clearly see why and how I am avoiding.

Most often...I am very likely feeling inadequate and procrastinating a project that would open doors for me to follow my vision to unfold. I get frustrated when the lessons keep coming and all I want to do is move in the direction of my goals....but to be ready for the steps, I need to walk the path, take in the lessons and grow.

We all do.



We shared some break-out group time. We chose a story and an emotion that we felt at some point in the story. Then our partner helped us to move through it and/or transition the emotion to a more manageable place....allowing us to work through with new perspective....Some had "ah ha" moments to share!

Here are the sheets I shared and the 1 hour Tony Robins video is in the anthem list on our Rising Strong list.

But here's a link to just the Tony Robbins video:



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