Teen Art Classes

Tuesday, Wednesday OR Thursdays    4-6 pm


  • Monthly fee is $60
  • Students attend once a week
  • Auto pay is available for ongoing students
  • Reoccurring Payments set up after the first 3 weeks of your trial period.
  • Fees include: most supplies & instruction

Learn new mediums (acrylic, oils, pastel, pen & ink, basic and advanced drawing, mixed media, watercolor, watercolor pencil, charcoal, wood-burning, and more!)

The studio is all about free form expression and getting 'into the zone'.  Independent work-study structured classes with instruction, demonstration, teacher and peer guidance and support.

Benefits of Enrolling in Ongoing Teen Classes:

  • Take your time with your favorite medium
  • Finish school projects with professional guidance and advanced techniques
  • Give your portfolio an edge for college submission
  • Letters of reference for college applications
  • Benefit from a wide variety of reference materials
  • Enjoy a relaxing, nonjudgmental, community that inspires self expression and individuality

Since 2005 our ongoing Teen Art Programs have offered many teens unique opportunities while participating in a creative social platform.  The environment is rich with peer-to-peer support, skill building, leadership opportunities and so much more.  As they are looking into new ventures, college applications and the job market, these experiences help not only artistically, but in confidence building, self expression and self-identity, learning new ways to approach a project, listening to ideas with respect and non-judgement in a diverse and welcoming community. This is a special program.

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 Ongoing Teen Art Classes

OUR STUDIO   A place to explore the arts in whatever way makes sense to you!
Our instructors are professional teaching artists dedicated to supporting students in their creative aspirations. This may look like a form of art therapy, it may look like intense portfolio prep. Some students simply want more time to explore creative mediums. We invite all this and more into our studio....
What do we encourage?......
Diversity and non-judgmental support with a strong emphasis on individuality!
What about college?
There are plenty of young adults who will attest to the support, guidance and resources provided by LAC over 15 + years of programs....we have been a rock in the foundation of college prep and social support for Syracuse area teens.
It's not always about the grades. Sometimes we need to think outside the box, stretch our comfort zone and push to move forward.
And sometimes we need to simply support when stress and anxiety create blocks in our lives and in our creative process.
This is the place to come when you are exploring the arts AND when you are experiencing some fears with creative pursuits.

FINE PRINT FOR ENROLLED STUDENTS:   All artwork belongs to your child. Promotion of the event may include media releases, so a signed parental release is required to be part of the program.  Meals are NOT provided; fridge is available. All allergies and/or special needs must be listed on the registration form.  The facility/administration has the right to refuse or terminate a student’s attendance w/o refund if the student becomes a disruption to the program. Sibling Discount NOT applicable.

Here's a video or past years' retreats:  VIDEO