ONE DAY- Art Retreats

Do you crave time for yourself? Do you find it impossible to pencil it into your calendar? Is there a time when you can just get into the zone and just see where creativity can take you? Are there creative projects that you want to work on, but don't have the space or incentive? Schedule a day for just art! Relax in our studio!


  • Plenty of inspiration to ignite passion and shifts within you
  • Guided meditations, simple suggestions, very individual for each person and each group
  • Do your own thing! We guide and inspire and offer support...but the choices are always yours!
  • Sandra begins the day with a simple guided meditation to relax your mind and body, we set the intention for the group and then an inspiring playlist creates a perfect atmosphere to dive in. Bring a headset and listen to your music or favorite art video.

This is an event that happens in spring and fall each year! Reset your energy and ignite yourself from the inside

Check back for dates if these don't work for you OR check out our retreats! 2 - 5 day retreats!!

The Silent Art Retreats will return in winter 2019...

Enjoy a block of time in the studio and just do art.

Winter Retreatat LAC.jpg

Why Silent Art? Why Play Music?

The purpose of "no chatting" is to allow time to just be present with what we are doing without feeling a sense of how others are thinking, feeling or creating around us...YET!...we are still feeling connection to others creating in the space! It's a truly magical experience.

WHY THE MUSIC?...The particular music chosen creates a soothing atmosphere for most because silence can be deafening and much like culture shock. SO we encourage everyone to bring an option for personal listening devices.