ONE DAY Retreats

& Space rental


  • Book our studio for your group

  • Look at calendar for dates you can attend

  • Add our programs to your next event

Do you crave time for yourself? Don't have time to attend our weekly classes? Do you find it impossible to pencil it into your calendar? Is there a time when you can just get into the zone and just see where creativity can take you? Are there creative projects that you want to work on, but don't have the space or incentive? Schedule a day for just art! Relax in our studio!


  • Plenty of inspiration to ignite passion and shifts within you

  • Guided meditations, simple suggestions, very individual for each person and each group

  • Do your own thing! We offer programs, but feel free to come lead your own group.

    Prices range from $40/hour to $200/day depending on space needs and program.


Reset your energy and ignite yourself from the inside

Check back for dates if these don't work for you OR check out our full week and extended weekend retreats.

We LOVE to collaborate with event planners!

Send an email and see if we're available for your next conference, retreat or staff appreciation day. Meditative Painting is a popular request.

Contact us at: liverpoolartcenter@gmail.com (315)234-9333

Winter Retreatat LAC.jpg

Winter is a wonderful time to retreat into creativity and community. Book our studio for a day of inspiration and wellness.

Run your own program or book one of our facilitators. We have many to choose from.

Programs include:

  • Meditation

  • Rhythm Wellness

  • Meditative Painting

  • Drum Circle

  • Creative Cafe painting class