Rhythmic Painting: Haudenosaunee Social Dancing

 Class includes supplies, demo & guidance$25/pp

 Sunday,  March 19th1-3pm at   Liverpool Art Center

 This class will allow you to create art by listening to music, and to intuitively interpret the music with color and movement on canvas. We will be creating art through movement of our bodies, including dancing on our canvases.

 This is a cultural share as well. We will be listening to traditional Haudenosaunee social dances.

 Please make sure you wear clothing you won’t mind getting paint on, especially what you wear on your feet…. they will get paint on them. If you have a rag or old towel to use for afterwards, please bring.


"I am very excited to share what I love to do and share how I create my art."
Aweñheeyoh Powless