The CRF Rhythm Intensive Weekend is packed full of experiential, skill-building workshops. These trainings are designed to offer support and direction for advanced and intermediate CR Facilitators. Prepare to move your training to the next level as you build the foundations of your personal “creative flow” and which skill sets work best within a program created for your community. Our Team Leaders will help you choose and design the module you will facilitate at the CRF retreat.

Get ready to feel motivated, inspired and supported as you prepare for your CRF Graduate Retreat.

During your Rhythm Intensive training...

You Will Practice

  • Specific rhythms and patterns that set up group drumming for success

  • Co-facilitating with others and learning improvisational music making approaches

  • Designing and facilitating your own rhythm wellness modules within the CRF group

You Will Be Able to

  • Build confidence with your drumming skills

  • Create a module that you will present at the Graduate CRF Retreat

  • Present your goals, “CRF page” and mission statement as a CR Facilitator.

Following the Rhythm Intensive..

  • You will continue practicing the skills you learned

  • You will send your completed “CRF page” information for the website listing

  • You will fine-tune the CRF module for presentation at the CRF Graduate Retreat

The Cost: $200 registration fee

How to sign up for the Rhythm Intensive:

  1. When you sign up for the Intermediate CR Facilitator Training, this is in the payment option

  2. When you sign up for the Advanced CR Facilitator Training, this is in the payment option