Energy Healing Classes with Sandra Sabene

REIKI Level I Class  -online study &  January 15th class 2-8pm (almost full)

REIKI Level I Class-online study & January 22nd class2-8pm


REIKI Level II Class - April 29-30

Sat 11am-8pm   Sun 12-4pm


Reiki Workshops   2017  

Traditional Usui Reiki Practice with Coaching for the Reiki Way of Life

Level I Class online & class on 1/15   $50

Level I Class online & class on 1/22$50

Level II Class April 29-30th    $100

These are one and two day workshops offering healing, hands-on instruction and practice for energy healing, intuitive skill building and self-care as a light-worker. The class includes all supplies used during class, workbook, journal, healing sessions, crystals, oils, and charts for furthering your practice.

Reiki Level One:  Students learn the Reiki hand positions for self healing, meditations and tools for energetic self care and practitioner practices and receive the attunement which opens 10-20% of the Reiki channels. For this class, simply email us you want to take the course and you will receive a welcome email that includes the study booklet in PDF, a chart to study and you will decide then if you want to register. DEADLINE TO REGISTER is JAN. 9th for the JAN 15th class. simply click the button below to register for the 15th

Reiki Level Two: (level I is required) Students learn the entire Reiki system for practicing Reiki on others and distant healing, knowledge of the sacred symbols and the attunement which opens the Reiki channels 100%

**NOTE BEFORE REGISTERING FOR LEVEL II:  If you have not received Reiki with Sandra prior to this class and have not been attuned by Sandra, a Reiki session is required even if you have been attuned level I Reiki)


 ·  Classes includes booklets, healing stones, journals and charts for further studies and practice.

  • · Students should bring: healthy dish to pass and snacks and beverages.
  • Bring yoga mat OR blankets & pillows for meditation portion of the class (both days)
  • · IMPORTANT: 24-48hrs prior students should prepare the body for a shift created by the Reiki attunement by eating light, hydrating and no alcohol or mind altering substances.


$50 Level I(sign up by Jan. 9th for the 15th

$50 Level I (sign up by Jan 15th for the 22nd)

$100 Level II (sign up by Apr 15th)