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Ongoing Painting & Drawing Classes

Are you ready for an art class? We know this can be very exciting and even a little scary. Either way, we can help get you started and enjoy the process.

Adults  Tues. Wed. Thur. 10am-12pm or 6:30-8:30pm  $80/month

Teens Tues. Wed. Thur.  4-6pm   $60/month


Meditative Painting with Sandra

 Are you looking for a relaxing and inspiring creative experience? This is a very different kind of art workshop...It's never about the product!! You will be guided through meditation and expressive arts.....yes, you get to paint!....This is about the creative process and self discoveries along the path as we let go and sink into sacred space.....Sandra facilitates a guided meditation and an experiential journey for groups of 10-300.  

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Women Gather in Sacred Creative Space

Women gathering in sacred creative space. Expressive Experiences: Art Meditation & Shared Wisdom. What will we be doing?...Begin a conversation, express without words thru art media, share our thoughts, ideas & visions, talk about our fears and hopes...Connect with all of our diversity....and still see ourselves in the eyes of our sisters.         Ready for change?  Join the conversation...

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Meditative Events, Lectures and Retreats

Guided Meditation sessions, events, and retreats. Book a private session, one-on-one coaching, an event lecture or add this to your next retreat.

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Drum & Rhythm Programs

Discover how rhythm can offer incredible opportunities for connection, creativity, communication and self expression. These programs have inspired thousands in the Upstate NY area with CDF Sandra Sabene offering exciting and fun programs at colleges, corporations, conferences, schools and retreats.

Visit the monthly drum circle at LAC (ongoing since 2005)


Finding Peace - ONE DAY- Art Retreats

Enjoy peace and creativity in a relaxing and supportive studio. These art retreats offer time to explore, play, express, paint, draw, journal and more. We begin with a guided meditation and then the journey begins! Every workshop is different and we all add our own energy and color to the group experience.

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Visiting Teachers, Artists, Facilitators & Musicians

Liverpool Art Center has hosted many gifted and inspiring artists and teachers over the years. Check this page to book any upcoming events with our visiting teachers: Jim Donovan, John Bruna, Jen Mills, David Young, Gurunam Singh, Sat Purkh, Ken Nichols, Iver Johnson, and more...

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Expressive Arts Retreats - Creating with Spirit!!

Creating with Spirit - Expressive Pathways for Self Discoveries:

Empowering - Purposeful - Healing - Freeing. Feel inspired!  Feel motivated! Feel re-ignited! and ready for change....inside and outside


JUST ART!      drawing and painting workshops

Check the schedule frequently! We add courses and one day classes in basic to advanced techniques. This includes topics such as: Color theory, basic pencil drawing, portrait and figure, mixing colors, field sketching, what supplies to buy, stretch canvas, prepping your surface, adv. studies in watercolor, pastel, oils etc.


Book a private session with Sandra Weekdays 1pm. Enjoy sacred space and healing experiences  including: Reiki energy healing, guided meditation, expressive arts-as-therapy, art journaling, sound healing, intuitive reading and meditative painting sessions. 60-90min.


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