Creative Rhythms Programs for Hire

Specifically what programs can you bring to your community or school?

Expressive Arts, Rhythm and Meditation programs listed below. The page links highlighted offer information about each program including: activities, benefits and time/space requirements. Call for specific packages, retreats trainings and prices. (315)234-9333


Rhythm Program Options:

  • CommUNITY Rhythms: A rhythm wellness program exploring non-verbal interaction and opportunities for stepping outside our comfort zone through simple music making activities. The ultimate goals for this program are to have fun, learn new ways to observe what’s really going on around us and find our true voice. READ MORE

  • Drum Circle: Creative rhythms Drum Circles are fun and lively rhythm gatherings offering safe space to express through rhythm. This is a 100% substance free event and open to anyone, any age and all skill levels. Beginners are always warmly welcome. READ MORE

Creative Rhythms in Recovery

Drummin Recovery events and weekly meetings offer a creative pathway option for persons in search of sober living community events. The program offers non-verbal communication tools, simple ways to begin a meditation practice and inspire community connections in a safe place. Recovery is possible and creative is an accessible tool for self care and wellness.

Contact us for dates or ask how to begin a Drummin Recovery at your location.

Expressive Arts Programs with Sandra

Expressive Arts Options

  • Meditative Painting Workshops

“The art of letting go” is all about being present and letting go of perfectionism, getting it “right” and silencing the inner critique. Learn tools for using art mediums for wellness, learn how to paint, the benefits of active meditation and how music impacts our mood. LEARN MORE

  • Creative Jam Session

A mix of painting, drawing and music awakens a playful approach to this expressive arts workshop. We move along at a fast pace and use simple, playful tools to get out of our heads. Ignite smiles and laughter within a group with colorful, facilitated activities. READ MORE

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Meditation Options

  • Creative Rhythms Guided Meditations

Listen to relaxing music, a soft voice and melt into a safe space. Guided meditations offer a facilitated experience for people who struggle with quieting the mind. Listen online or in person.


  • Creative Rhythms Sound Journey

Sync into sound and a peaceful trance like state for a deeper healing. Enjoy a live performance including many of the following instruments after a guided meditation invites you to sync into a deep state of relaxation: Quartz crystal singing bowls, tuning forks, drums, chimes, harmonium, vocal toning, gong bells and flute.