Gather your closest friends, your family, co-workers or pub peers! Bring them to our studio and create a night to remember! It's easy as 1-2-3. Online sign up or call to set it up in person.

What do you need: minimum number of guests with no additional fees at our studio.....

  • Weekdays (Tues., Wed., Thur. 6-8pm) minimum 5 persons paid in advance(7+ days prior)
  • Weekends (Saturday-Sunday) minimum 10 people paid in advance. Max size class: 24
  • Weekends at YOUR location: $35 per guest/ Minimum 10 guests/Max 40 guests + travel fees
  • Fundraisers: Weekends only/ $30 per guest and we donate 20% to the host/ min 25+ guests

Times for weekend private parties: 10am-12pm, 1-3pm, 2-4pm 6-8pm 8-10pm


  • Studio is available for 30 minutes prior to the class and 15 minutes after class
  • We take amazing group photos for your enjoyment and FB sharing!
  • Bring any beverage and/or snack you'd like to share
  • We have a buffet table and wine glasses/mugs on site
  • Please contact us for any special requests; we love to help create unique experiences
  • Themed parties are the best! Inquire by email or phone
  • Parties with more than 20 guests receive a voucher for 2 free passes at our studio


Email our staff    or Call (315)234-9333

Option #1You choose the date & time and check our availability. Then ask your guests to go to our calendar to register. You must have the minimum number of guests registered within 2 weeks or your date expires and the event is cancelled. Call to get more information.

Option#2 You choose the date & time and call us to set it up. You submit full payment and guests reimburse you

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                                         ALWAYS A FUN TIME AT LAC!!!!  WHERE'S YOUR NEXT OFFICE PARTY GOING TO BE???!!

                                         ALWAYS A FUN TIME AT LAC!!!!  WHERE'S YOUR NEXT OFFICE PARTY GOING TO BE???!!