Meditative Painting with Sandra    

2 hours in studio, relax with guided creative inspiration.

Meditative Painting IS...

Creative Expression as a spiritual practice & self care practice

Let go of the outcome, Be Present &  Breathe

Learn more about your own creative process

How can this help us in everyday life?...That's the miracle in this amazing workshop. In just 2 hours we experience, express and explore with complete abandon!

The art is in the LETTING GO.....Let's gently sink into sacred space together and see what unfolds?..

Learn more about yourself through this unique experience by watching or participating

Many people have found this process beneficial with releasing emotional blocks such as self-doubt, grief, anger, stress and depression. The technique of expressing with healing intentions is affectionately called Spirit painting.   This is a non-religious experience; open to anyone seeking relaxation and forms of deeper connections.  During the demonstration,  Sandra will offer a guided meditation and then paint on a large canvas. Everyone is invited to experience this mesmerizing process as a collaborative event.

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You can schedule a private session, group event,

public demonstration or weekend retreat with Sandra.     

Call for more information: (315)234-9333

Meditative Painting is Sandra's Signature Workshop.  Enjoy Creative Explorations...


What will we do?

A brief description: We have everything ready before you arrive, enjoy a short presentation about what this is, relax into a demonstration which is very meditative, and then you can play on a practice paper before YOU begin your meditative painting...(yes! you get to paint!) A guided meditation will inspire your experience and then we paint to music for about 30 minutes. We can opt to share as a group or feel free to journal about your experience.

What will this workshop include:

Welcome to a relaxing studio, wear your jammies if you'd like! You can expect to feel a warm welcome, enjoy a beautifully facilitated workshop and you won't be required to do anything.

The invitation is simply to enjoy a couple of hours in a relaxing studio, breathe deeper, let go of expectations on yourself and let the stress melt away. It's about painting "nothing" ! Some people even leave the canvas behind!

The ART is in the LETTING GO.

All the supplies are included. There will be a demonstration so you can begin to relax as you watch the painting evolve and see what "the art of letting go" looks like.