Living with Joy Book Club  

Fall 2016   @ LAC  

Monthly meetings on Sundays and online group share (Facebook is required)

Monthly check-in, Online FB Forum & Guidance


$60 Fee includes:  Daily posts in private FB group, weekly motivations & meetings to connect and inspire with creative experiences in the studio and all supplies/handouts/space use

Attendance at meetings is NOT required.  We will live stream the meeting so anyone can join and connect and add questions and comments! Super fun for all! 

Meetings @ LAC      Sundays 6-8pm9/18 , 10/23 ,  11/20

Excerpts from the book....

“Your greatest challenge is to not be distracted by that which happens in front of you, or is pulling on you or calling to you, but instead to find your center and magnetize to yourself all those things that are in alignment with your inner being”      Does this excite you as you feel change coming your way?

“If you know people who seem to be very wise and yet put others down, reject friends, and make people feel bad about themselves — no matter how high their words or what they teach — you can rest assured they are not loving themselves.”  How does this thought inspire a change in perspective towards another?

"Having a symbol to represent something is a very powerful way to draw it to you. Symbols work on a deeper level of consciousness than words and bypass belief systems.” Imagine a heart in your mind's eye....all the love that can bring into your mind.....what symbols can you think of for bringing more love, peace, joy, abundance and endless possibilities into your reality?

Let's inspire each other! Let's share wisdom! Let's create