A Note From the Owner,

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Explore a little and browse through the website to get an idea of what you can gain from visiting our center, then call or email when you'd like a tour of the space.  I promise that you'll feel relaxed the moment you walk through the door. Just ask anyone who's been here!  No matter if you'd like to begin drawing or painting for the first time in your life, or if you need help getting back into your favorite medium, we have just what you're looking for:

  • Hands-on guidance

  • In-Studio supplies for you to use

  • An inspiring studio in a gallery setting

  • Comforting music and aromas

  • Great coffee and tea (for a small donation)

  • A vast library of references

  • Supplies at cost to use & purchase

  • and so much more!

Now that we've inspired you online, let us know when you'd like to stop in!

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There's more.....

My passion for helping others learn to express creatively has inspired many of the LAC programs. We all can feel burdened and shut down with life's challenges causing ongoing stress. So how do we stay positive? How do we stay open and joyful? Creativity is healing and soulfully empowering!  Creative Programs inspire more healing, connections and self discovery. Beyond our regular Ongoing Art Classes and Sip n Paint Classes, we offer opportunities to "go deep" and explore your creative self, your intuitive self, your empowered self. Everyone has a sense of being "more" and it's human nature to explore that potential. Creative programs help us become more aware of what is in our way of being more authentic and empowered. 

What is a Creative Program?   Expressing ourselves with painting, drawing, dancing, singing, writing, talking, exploring and simply being a child....that's what we do! These experiences bring happiness, vulnerability, joy, appreciation, resistance, connection and healing opportunities.

Sign up for one of our Creative programs and explore:

Drum Circles, Drum Classes, Ongoing Classes, Meditations, Sound Healing, Creative Book Club, Arts & Healing Retreats, Reiki Classes and Sessions, New Moon Gatherings and more.

Check our calendar for more information.

I hope to see you soon!