See who's Playing and teaching @ LAC

Liverpool Art Center hosts a wide variety of teachers, musicians, facilitators, artists and speakers in the arts and healing field. Scroll down to see who's been here and who's coming soon! Each button takes you to a page with information, sign-up & dates.


Sandra Sabene - Owner/Program Director

is the owner and instructor at LAC. Most events and classes listed are facilitated and designed by Sandra. Visit the teacher page to read more about her background: BIO


Mike quilt drums percussion lots of intruments on a table.JPG

Michael Deaton is a Musician, artist, mentor and teacher with close to 20 years of experience creating and integrative arts programs for all ages. His hands-on programs foster connection, creativity and resilience. Michael has studied with a variety of teachers from other cultures, including many West African drum teachers....


Jim Donovan - Rhythm & Wellness

Jim Donovan offers interactive events & training programs at Liverpool Art Center throughout the year. Click here to see past and upcoming dates as well as opportunities to connect with him elsewhere.

John Bruna.jpg

John Bruna   Mindfulness

John Bruna offers Mindfulness workshops, and teacher trainings.


Ken Nichols   

Artist- paint, ceramics & more...

Ken offers 3+ hour workshops with acrylic painting at LAC. Stretch your ability to let go and free up your style! Using fluid acrylics and a large black canvas, we all are guided through Ken's unique process.


Iver Johnson   Figure Drawing Classes

Iver Johnson offers a compelling and hands-on course several times a year at LAC. We bring in live nude models and work with charcoal on large paper. He offers tips, tricks and techniques for all levels!