JUST ART!   Workshops for Drawing and Painting with LAC    Coming in 2018-19

Mom's Garden Labyrinth.jpg

Garden Labyrinth Field Trip for LAC Ongoing Students

JUNE 19, 20, 21 12:30-5pm

Pour workshop with Laura.jpg

Color, flow and fun!!

Come play with Laura in the studio!

Date:   JUNE 24th 6-8pm FULL

Get Ready.....for a Dirty Pour.    You will use 3 colors of your choice- plus white.  Opaque colors are better than translucent. A three color pour has great results. You will be mixing your paints in class with a pouring medium that will be provided for you along with other supplies( including gloves, cups, distilled water and silicone.  with a butane torch chaser that will be handled by your instructor).  

Drawing with pencil    Date TBA

An advanced skill-building opportunity for advanced and intermediate art students. Your instructor will offer demonstrations and lectures in the use of pencil, charcoal and ink. Learn how to strengthen your compositions and get the most out of your chosen medium. Class includes supplies and critique sessions.

Color Mixing Basics with Sandra   Date TBA

Are you ready to mix it up? Sandra will walk you through the basics. No mater what medium you work in, this course will give a foundation in color mixing and using colors to get the most in your composition. Sandra will offer resources, video explainers and demonstrations during this 3 hour course. Receive a certificate for color mixing basics. Bring your favorite medium for trying out what you learn!  Learn how artists use cool colors and warm colors to create depth, mood and stronger compositions.



  • Learn how to use a simple selection of colors to create intense and subtle paintings
  • Learn how to get the most out of your color wheel
  • Learn how color and value relate and how they are different
  • Stretch the colors in your collection
  • Learn what colors a MUST HAVE in any paint box