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Creative Rhythms

Expressive arts and rhythm programs for all ages.

THE ART OF LETTING GO with Sandra Sabene 2018

THE ART OF LETTING GO with Sandra Sabene 2018

Programs designed to inspire self awareness, community & connection. Experience the Art of Letting Go through art, rhythm and meditation.

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Creativity is one of the least valued gifts of all times.... 

We are born with a natural ability to be creative; it's our birthright!  Regular artistic practices and integrated creativity can offer wellness opportunities and health benefits as well as self care practices.  Self expression increases mindfulness and presence. Experience how creative connections encourage self discoveries, communication and authentic self-expression.  Use imagination to help bridge the inner world and outer world....Cultivate a stronger sense of belonging...within a creative community, within our art families and in our everyday lives.

  • Why explore our creative side? 

  • Why do so many crave more time and resources to create art?

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More than just an art studio

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Isn't it about Time!

If you've been looking for a creative outlet... 

Why not join the fun today?

If you're craving a sense of belonging... maybe even searching for some place where you feel at home....even just for a few hours a week?   

          Step inside our beautiful studio!

 You've found your art family!

Liverpool Art Center is an Arts & Healing Center offering

Creative Expression Opportunities since 2002


More than just a studio.....our creative home has inspired thousands over the past 16 + years.

  • Are you looking to become an artist professionally?

  • Are you seeking safe space to connect and create?

  • Are you hoping for guidance and instruction?

  • Are you looking for new experiences?

Take a look through the website...or check us out on Facebook. Or feel free to call. A REAL person will answer and offer some kind words, a little suggestion about where to begin...or just help you start!

Sandra offers a series of activities, retreats and workshops that inspire people of all ages, interests and backgrounds and creatives in ways that can awaken their inner voice, calm the mind and promote wellness through self discovery and self expression.

Welcome to an Innovative Studio with a Splash of color and creative connections....

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Our wellness studio is a beautiful space for connection, freedom for exploring and express with complete abandon. Self care as a creative practice? Yes please!

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Sandra has a lot to offer when it comes to letting go and getting the creativity flowing!!

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Rhythm is the first sound we hear and feel. The body remembers that sense of well being, nurturing, and connection. When we drum together, we feel that connection again and share the miracle of the drum.

Over 10 years ago, our drumming community began connecting through rhythm...anyone can join!

No experience required....we just drum! Sandra will offer some guidance as we begin and then we enjoy an evening of creative connections.  Drum Circle Every 3rd Friday 7-9pm:   Come play!    We have plenty of drums! 

Creativity as a wellness practice is a gateway into our deep sense of connection, self-awareness & peace.

Sometimes we just need to feel welcome. The studio is relaxing and invites you to simply let go & breathe

Would you like to learn HOW to "Let Go" ?   This self care practice is a way to sink into a creative state of bliss that is rare and healing. This is a place where we find our voice, our authentic self, our path.

Here is a button to learn more about participating in our student annual exhibit:

On My Own Time 2017.

For current Liverpool Art Center Students ONLY

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