Our Healing Space offers many options for anyone looking to relax, find some peace, and take some stress off of your day.    Join a Community of like-minded people seeking connection, healing and support.

  • Private sessions with Sandra
  • Arts & Healing Workshops
  • Arts & Healing Retreats
  • A Day of Inspiration Events

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                                                Artwork by Sandra Sabene


Discover A Creative Pathway to Your Sacred Self

Private sessions with Sandra include:

Healing, Creative Coaching & Intuitive Guidance

Sandra Sabene is an artist, Reiki MT, creative coach and intuitive medium. Since 2002 she has offered arts & healing services to many who have struggledin search of creativity in their lives and how they can fully express themselves.  Through her own life challenges, she has empowered herself in many creative ways. Each direction she chose offered an exciting tool for her to express her joys, sorrows and grief. Through art, music and the rhythm of the natural world there are endless opportunities to explore our Sacred Selves.

 Sandra offers insight and creative experiences during 30, 60 and 90minute sessions.  This time is yours to explore the creative potential that lives within. We all feel the calling to create….

Do you feel a deep yearning for the path of co-creation? Is there a sense of something missing? What is the block that holds us back? What are we are moving toward? How can we become more clear on our inner vision, creative potential and our personal process of co-creation?   The answers are all within our Sacred Selves. Use these creative and healing tools to simply raise your awareness, clear the brain fog and step onto your creative path.   Creative living inspires wellness.... 

Some topics that frequently come up during these session are: emotional blocks, creative blocks, clarity for life direction, well being, relationships and creative pathways.  These sessions are rarely about becoming an artist; this inspiration offers ways we create our lives! The energy healing, intuitive messages and creative connections offer inspiring ways to raise awareness, gain fresh perspective and heal old wounds. Invite Sandra into your sacred space within and allow the magic to unfold.

To Schedule your session or for more information, please call (315)234-9333or EMAIL

Our classes and sessions offer a beautiful spiritual experience as well as diverse tools for you to continue on the road of wellness. Learn with instruction videos, music and aromatics that can help you create a healing space in your home/office. Meet others during wellness gatherings who share similar ideas and inspire fresh perspectives on creative living. Sandra facilitates groups and private sessions with the intention of teaching self-empowering options. Meditation, breathing, and self expression can awaken our passion for living a more creative life. Invite more love, more creativity, more passion into your daily experience!

            Awareness is the first step toward healing.

Reiki & Sound Healing Session(Healing Flute & Quartz Crystal Bowls)  60-90min. $100

Intuitive Session with Painting, healing, CD, 60-90min.  $100

Creative Coach Session:  $50 for one session (phone or in person) or $120 for 3 sessions

Guided Meditation with Consult   45/60 min $60

Meditation Workshops  60-90 min.   $60/one day     $90/two day

Reiki Share & Wellness Gathering 2 hours$30/pp

Private Study with Sandra,   $100/month (plus fees)

Reiki Classes (1-2 ppl. per class/4-5 hours),  $160  

Spiritual Retreats within NY State$3-600/3 day weekend

Creating with Spirit Class Series 2hr classes$35/pp per class


The Gathering Place at Liverpool Art Center

the gathering place at LAC.jpg

Sandra facilitates groups interested in drumming wellness, intuitive skill building, Reiki sharing or guided meditations. Offering a sacred space for anyone looking to connect with others, learn more about intuition, healing opportunities, meditation, and group events (Reiki Share, Intuitive workshops and Group Meditations) Simply join Sandra's Facebook page and look for event announcements and reminders: link

These gatherings happen in the healing room at Liverpool Art Center called: The Gathering Place

Reiki Healing Sessions & Classes with Sandra

Sandra is a Reiki Master/Teacher offering private sessions and classes in the healing art of Reiki, Sound Healing and aroma/color healing.  Sessions may include: healing drum, crystal singing bowls, healing stones, mantras, guided meditation, aroma therapy with Young Living oils and additional alternative wellness modalities.

 To learn more about Reiki, visit the website: www.reiki.org.

 Email or call (315) 234-9333 to schedule an appointment with Sandra.

Reiki Sessions with Sandra: $100/hr

Reiki Classes with Sandra: $160-$300 Levels I, II, III

Lectures: $100-300 (40+ pp)


CREATING WITH SPIRIT   A Creative Pathway to Your Sacred Self

One Day Event    August 14th 10am-6pm($40 special price)

The art of being still, letting of outcome and raising your level of self awareness.....Sandra has offered this experience to many over the years, but now she has taken it to a whole new level! For any person seeking heightened levels of awareness, connection to Spirit, intuition and the Sacred Self.....these tools may offer you some insight.  This one day course is a small taste of all the inspirations and interactive experiences Sandra offers during the full course. (read below for more details about the course). Email to register

CREATING WITH SPIRIT the FULL COURSE   FALL 2016Mondays Sept 26th - November 14th

A Creative Pathway to Your Sacred Self- The full course

Click here to register

The full course includes supplies, guidance and pamphlets!  All for only $150/pp(around $20/per session!)
EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: Save $30 if registered by August 15th( click on green button above)

Part one: Meditative Painting Workshops       A Creative Pathway to Your Sacred Self

Mon, Sept. 26th 6:30-9pm&  Mon, Oct. 3rd 6:30-9pm    The art of being still, letting go of outcome and raising your level of self awareness. ….Sandra has offered this experience in many ways over the past decade or two, but now she’s taken this to a whole new level. For any person seeking heightenedlevels of awareness and connection to Spirit, intuition and Creator….these tools may offer you some insight. The experiences shared are tools Sandra uses to reach a higher vibration and a greater sense of self awareness. This allows for growth, healing, abundance and so much more of what we strive for as humans being.


Part two: Intuitive Play Workshops          An Energetic Exploration to Your Sacred Self

Mon, Oct. 10th 6:30-9pm&  Mon, Oct. 17th 6:30-9pm    There are so many gifts shared in nature that inspire us to enjoy this experience we call life...yet our egos somehow convince us that we are on our own or we need to seek the answers outside of ourselves. These illusions are easy to dissolve. Simply take a journey! A daily journey using these gifts and ignite your intuition. Strength your senses of well being, inner strength and empowerment that we were born with. Our Creator made us perfect, the challenge is to remember that when the world around us tells us otherwise. Enjoy many demonstrations, guided meditations and work with stones, nature and more…...Inspired by Mother Earth. 

Part three:  Moving Thru Blocks - Workshops A Physical Release to Ignite Your Sacred Self

Mon, Oct. 24th 6:30-9pm(Break for Halloween 10/31)  resume: Mon. Nov. 7th 6:30-9pm

This workshop is a challenge for most. Our bodies are our temples! Oh what we do with them is astounding! And yet, they keep giving us the life force to continue the life we choose. HOW CAN WE DO THIS DIFFERENTLY! How can we make changes in our physical experience to create a stronger connection? Change our awareness of how we create through thought, thru vibration, through simply being? Our physical bodies carry what we attract. SO how can we change that to change what we attract into our lives?         AWARENSS IS THE BEGINNING.       Sandra will guide us thru a series of tools you can use which include drums, the voice, movement and more. The first step is to become aware of how these will shift your energy . Then we apply the concepts to our daily   regime and track any changes that may occur. These tools had the greatest impact on Sandra’s life! Mostly because she was SO resistant! Body image kept her from moving, embarrassment kept her voice silent and self doubt kept her from tapping into the true reasons she felt unworthy and incomplete. But after only a year of incorporating these into her life, she is painting, writing and teaching beyond what she imagined possible.  Truthfully, Awareness is the first step and the rest is a gentle slow down hill into a tranquil sea of the Sacred Self

FINAL SESSION:  Creating with Spirit - A continued pathway to CREATING Your Sacred Self

Mon, Nov. 14th 6:30-9pm        Bringing it all together and creating ways to incorporate these experiences and self discovery tools into your daily life. Most who take these spiritually inspiring courses and read the beautifully written books will attest to struggling with the same question, how do I continue this in my everyday life? People will think I am whacko! But There are many ways we can feel at ease through the transition. We will share with each other and Sandra will offer examples, words of wisdom and experiences that may help. And then! Of course! We will do something creative to mark this momentous occasion!! 


A monthly meeting and online Arts & Healing forum for those who have less time...

Living with Joy

by Sanaya RomanFALL 2016 Join the lively group for weekly discussions, supportive self exploration, and fun creative ways to open up our intuition and ground ourselves in gratitude. Weekly guides offer inspirations throughout the weekly along with weekly playsheet from the book. Let's explore and play!!

This group will plan a retreat incorporating these tools and arts & healing programs in a sacred retreat center.

Day and Time:  Monthly gathering at LAC and an online discussion with interactive elements & video uploads with Sandra and maybe a few surprise guests. MUST HAVE FACEBOOK

Monthly Gathering Dates with pot luck from 5-6pm (optional pot luck)

Sunday September 18th 6-8pm    Sunday October 23rd 6-8pm   Sunday November 20 6-8pm

Ask Your Guides Sonia ChoquetteSummer 2017

(online video e course & Facebook closed group discussion) E-Course & online FB forumWHAT'S THIS COURSE ABOUT? 

Meet your Spirit Guides, learn how to access the unseen realms, self-care tools for grounding, clearing, healing and connecting, strength your intuition and your relationship with your Spirit Guides, Angels and Loved ones who have crossed over.

Follow along with the Audible recording of the author's speech " Ask You Guides" and read along in the book. Throughout the summer connect with others going through the course, watch videos of Sandra discussing the book work and challenges we are addressing as a group.

Past Events that may be facilitated again at LAC or at your venue.....


Creating with Spirit Class Series2hr class$35/pp per class (see calendar)

Meditative paintingEnjoy Sandra’s Signature Course offered to thousands over the past decade. This relaxing 2 hour experience( in our space or yours) combines active meditation and painting. This is for anyone interested in discovering the connection between self-awareness and our creative process. This is not an art/painting class to learn to paint; relaxation is the focus.  Inclds: demo/guided meditation/supplies/music.

Creative CollaborationsLet go of expectation! Let go of outcome!      You’ll discover the benefits of these challenges in this fun, energetic and interactive art experience. If you’re a student or professional in the arts or simply interested in creating something with others, this is the class for you! This is excellent for groups/businesses looking for an interactive activity that helps people open up and get to know each other.  Inclds:  facilitation, supplies, music & interactive prompts.

Mixed Media Gone Wild!  Explore the mix of mediums / get your creative juices flowing

This workshop is the most customizable creative activity you could imagine! We have offered this to huge groups of children and teens, small groups of seniors and women’s gatherings. The topic can be whatever you want or we can choose, the thousands of inspiring quotes enhance any event, workshop or retreat. The guided course allows guests to explore their creative side and have fun or go deep. It is amazing how this unfolds. We use everything from paint, glue, pencil, pastel, watercolor and more mixed in with music and prompts to get the party started.

Random Acts of ColoringBOOK A RANDOM ACT OF COLORING AT YOUR GATHERING, BUSINESS OR MEETING!  We have all you need. The coloring revolution is in high gear and there is so much to be explored with this growing popularity for a childhood experience. Adult coloring books are incredibly inspiring and the act of coloring is hitting the studios, book stores and coffee shops.  WE HAVE A HUGE SELECTION of coloring images that are designed to relax and inspire the adult mind.

Inspirational ARTingImagine 1000s of Inspiring quotes to explore & create with:  Collage Class is for any age, any skill level, any time! We have thousands of inspiring quotes and all the supplies you’ll want to include as well as teachers that offer this workshop regularly. We have so many ideas and techniques to share. We bring it all, set it up & clean up after. It’s super easy to schedule for any size group in any space and loved by all who attend no matter what age.  Inlds: all supplies, instruction and music for inspiration

Creative Visualization ClassAttract new opportunities into your life– CreativelyThis one day or three day course opens you up to changing thoughts, changing old patterns and exploring what brings joy into our lives. Using ideas and philosophies from the law of attraction, manifesting your dream and being a creative individual, we guide your group in an inspiring journey towards your idea of the best life imaginable.  The class will include an array of discussions, activities, videos, guided meditations,  journaling and visually creative projects.  The retreat includes these and much more– 1-3 days of wellness, inspiration & healing.

Law of Attractionfor Creatives:  Change your thoughts-Change your lifeGather in sacred space and get ready to change your world from the inside– out. There are so many books, videos and groups that meet to discuss these laws, but what does this mean-Law of Attraction? How does this apply to your thoughts?  How does this change your life? Let’s gather and talk about all this and more. If you have a screen and computer available, we can offer a great presentation! Any size group of adults can gain valuable insight and any space can become a sacred space for sharing personal stories.  (Our space or yours)

FACILITATED CREATIVE COMMUNITIES:  Book Clubs Inspiring creativity

We offer activities, share time, completion celebrations & more...

Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way 12 Week Course  This facilitated course follows along within the inspiring pages written by Julia Cameron. Her book offers wisdom, guidance, challenges, weekly tasks and activities to engage your creative soul. This is not only for artists, writers, dancers, actors, musicians and more creative titles.....this course inspire the human soul to get moving onto a path that ignites our purpose in life!

Brene' Brown Living Brave Semester 2016   A6 week / 12 week Course.    The Gifts of Imperfection, Daring Greatly and Rising Strong are a few of Brene's inspiring works.  We had an inspiring group join us for the Gifts of Imperfection in 2014 and we are looking forward to Brene's next course in 2016: Living Brave Semester.