Q: How do ongoing art classes work?

A:  The "Trial Period" refers to the first 4 classes as an introduction to the studio and your classmates. Enjoy some fun guided activities that will help you set goals, choose a medium to start with and allow us to assess your skill level. During your 3rd class, you'll let us know if you'd like to continue as an ongoing student: no additional fees, same monthly payment, but you enjoy make-up classes and a more flexible schedule! We'll pro-rate your fee to catch up with the pay-schedule.

Our instructors' supportive, non-judgmental teaching philosophy offers students an opportunity to set their own pace and discover their own unique style, creative process and approach.

For over a decade we have inspired hundreds of CNY'ers to explore their inner creative side. Some for a pursuit in the art field, some for therapy purposes and other just for fun. So you can trust us when we say that it's the most efficient way to introduce our wonderful community to the expressive arts. 

Q: What mediums can I learn at LAC?


Pen & ink       Pencil     Pastel      Mixed Media

Acrylic      Watercolor     Oils   Collage

Travel Journals     ink pours    and more

Q: Can I take just one class?                                 A:   Sip n Paint and One day events only.

                                                                                          Ongoing classes require a 4 week trial period and monthly payments after the initial trial period.


Q: Can my child attend at any age?                A: ages are listed on the class page; some flexibility applies


Q: Can professional artist take classes at LAC?      A: Yes! Explore or re-visit a variety of mediums


Q: Does LAC hire teachers?                                        A: Only occasionally. Students and teachers tend to stick around for many years at LAC. It's a family & community environment.


Q: Can I schedule a private lesson?                     A: Our teachers offer them at various times/various cost


Q: Does LAC offer off-site programs?                  A: Yes, email or call for details about our off-site art, drumming and meditation programs offered anywhere for teens & adults. Easily booked with schools, colleges & non-profit organizations. EIN, W-9 and Insurance Certificate available upon request.


Q: Do we host teachers & programs?                   A: YES! Send us your program details and schedule


Q: Do we rent our space?                             A: Sometimes, but our calendar is very full (email requests)