Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do ongoing art classes work?

A:  The " Adult Art Class Trial Period" refers to the first 4 classes as an introduction to the studio and your classmates. Enjoy some fun guided activities that will help you set goals, choose a medium to start with and allow us to assess your skill level. During your 3rd class, you'll let us know if you'd like to continue as an ongoing student: no additional fees, same monthly payment, but you enjoy make-up classes and a more flexible schedule! We'll pro-rate your fee to catch up with the pay-schedule.

Teen Art Class: When we have enough teens enrolled to fill several classes per week, teen students can make-up any missed days during the alternate teen art classes listed on the schedule. Please ask about make-up classes upon registration.

Our instructors' supportive, non-judgmental teaching philosophy offers students an opportunity to set their own pace and discover their own unique style, creative process and approach.

For over a decade we have inspired hundreds of CNY'ers to explore their inner creative side. Some for a pursuit in the art field, some for therapy purposes and other just for fun. So you can trust us when we say that it's the most efficient way to introduce our wonderful community to the expressive arts. 


Q: What mediums can I learn at LAC?

A:   Pen & ink, Pencil, Pastel, Mixed Media, Acrylic, Watercolor, Oils   Collage, Travel Journals, Canvas, Various art papers and art mediums.

NOTE: (NO crafting items such as: glue guns, craft feathers, glitter or like items that have a history of causing chaos in the studio.)


Q: Can I take just one class?   

  A: Yes!  

  • Afternoon Art 1-3pm Wednesdays (call us)

  • Creative Cafe

  • One day events

                                                                     Ongoing classes require a 4 week trial period and monthly payments after the initial trial period.


Q: Can my child attend at any age? 

 A: ages are listed on the class page; some flexibility applies.

TEEN Classes start at age 12yrs old. Call if you would like to discuss registering a younger teen. (315)234-9333




Q: Can professional artist take classes at LAC? 

 A: Yes! Explore or re-visit a variety of mediums


Does LAC hire teachers?

A: Only occasionally. Students and teachers tend to stick around for many years at LAC. It's a family & community environment.


Q: Can I schedule a private lesson? 

 A: no private art lessons. But we do offer creative coaching.


Q: Does LAC offer off-site programs? 

A: Yes, email or call for details about our off-site art, drumming and meditation programs offered anywhere for teens & adults. Easily booked with schools, colleges & non-profit organizations. EIN, W-9 and Insurance Certificate available upon request.


Q: Do we host teachers & Programs other than on our schedule?

     A: YES! Send us your program details and schedule


Q: Do we rent our space?

  A: Sometimes, but our calendar is very full. Send email requests including dates, needs and size of group. Please include if you wish to include one of our services and/or arts & healing programs with the event.


Q: Do you host Sip n Paint Classes/Events?

A: We host (at our studio and off-site) Social Painting Classes called “Creative Cafe” which are classes that are like the "sip n paint classes"…

What sets us apart from the majority...

Everyone paints something different! We have been teaching this for so long, we have mastered the process of walking students through the paintings - step by step...from start to finish in 2 hours or less!

LAC Reviews

Carey from Solvay said...

"Awesome calming space.. Talented Instructor!! Can't wait for next class!"


Karina from Clay said...

"Started at the art center as a teen and came back for more lessons as an adult. Very talented teachers, great atmosphere and reasonably priced!"


Erin from Syracuse said...

 "A group of us from work went last night and had the best time. The atmosphere was relaxed and welcoming and everyone found a painting to do that they loved. I have been to other paint experiences and this was by far the best and we will definitely be back in the future!!!"


James from Syracuse said...

Once you ease into the space, you make an inspiration selection. They have several pre-done pieces you can choose from to replicate. The staff guide you through the painting, so there is no reason to feel embarrassed about your artistic ability! It is a great overall experience no matter what. I have no reservations with this place! 5/5 easy. My partner and I did a split painting which consists of two paintings coming together to make one. It is super neat.  Will be back to do more!


Devon from Baldwinsville...

"Favorite place to spend all my free time. Love everything about it and wouldn't change a thing! Highly recommend, you'll meet the best people."


Jen from Syracuse said...

" It was so fun, and relaxing. I'm not an artist, like zero ability. However I was able to create a painting I really like with the instruction of the Artists at Liverpool Arts Center. There were a lot of choices to paint, and everything we needed to paint our own masterpiece! Everyone was so nice and really helpful. This would be a great night out with the girls, date night or even a solo outing to just zen out and paint!"


Beverly from Italy said...

"Sandy and her staff were great. This Paint Class was a Yelp event for elites and I'm glad we attended. I will definitely keep this venue in mind for future group events,  like team building events, socials, etc. Good job!"


Kelly from Baldwinsville said...

" It was so much fun choosing among the many painting options and then making it come to life. I learned that anyone can make art with a little time & guidance. Great night out with friends or a fun alternative for lots of different events. Try it!"


Aimee from Rockville MD...

"I wanted to do something different for my Bridal Shower and reached out to Sandra at Liverpool Art Center to see if Paint Class would be a good fit for our group of 20. She was great! Her and my mom worked out all the logistics to have enough seats for everyone, a table for gifts and food and the ability to decorate. They even went and bought 2 new tables to accommodate us! We got there early to set up and everything worked out perfectly. We all picked our own paintings and everyone really seems to have a great time. I would definitely recommend this for a group for any event! Thanks for a great time :)"


Tanya from Somerville MA

"Sandi is amazing! Many students have been coming here for years and are still discovering new ways to create art. She brings the best out in everyone's ability, even when you don't realize you have it in you, whether you're just starting out or have been at it for years. LAC is a very comfortable and supportive place to be, a fun place to meet many different people, and there's always lots of different activities going on besides just art classes."


Olivia from Ann Arbor MI

"Be warned: this is not your "step by step, paint-nite,  everybody is painting the same thing" sort of place- you get to choose your own picture from the many choices they have, you get a canvas, they'll give you the paints and brushes, give you basic pointers, and off you go! If you need more assistance, they'd be happy to help- but otherwise, you have free reign! If you want to change up the colors on the picture, that's definitely allowed and they'll give you a different paint palette so you can achieve that!
This would be a great place to have a girls' night, a bachelorette event, birthday party, etc.!"


What is Liverpool Art Center and who runs this place...


Liverpool Art Center is a private art school offering one day painting/drawing classes, ongoing art classes for adult, teens and youth, drum classes and drum circles as well as meditation and Reiki services. Our center offers a relaxing environment for creative expression. We have 2 studios with a studio/gallery setting and a meditation space called Serenity Studios which has a Reiki healing room and a gallery gathering space.

Our studio is set up for anyone who is a little afraid to start AND those who just can't wait to start! The supportive, non-judgmental teaching philosophy offers students an opportunity to set their own pace and discover their own unique style, creative process and approach.

How does that work?  It just does. For over a decade we have inspired 1000s of CNY creatives to explore their creative side. Some for a pursuit in the art field, some for therapy purposes and other just for fun. So you can trust us when we say that it's the most efficient way to introduce our creative community to the arts.

So give it a try!


Established in 2002.

Our center opened in 2002 as an art gallery representing 50 local artists and quickly began offering lessons in painting and drawing. Within 2 years our expansion lead us to a quiet corner very close to the beautiful setting of Onondaga Lake Parkway. Our center now offers classes to hundreds of students on a regular basis and we continue to offer more programs and services every year. 2015 marked the year that we offered more visiting teachers, new artist in residence and additional services including: art therapy with Elaine Wolf LMFT, Jim Donovan WDW, Crown of Eternity, Talons! Bird of Prey Experience Drawing from Life programs and much more...
2009 began our Social Painting classes which have been a huge hit with new artists. We offer the only social painting class that offers guests an option to paint any image from our 30+ options. Guests can all paint something different instead of painting a single image. We offer hands on instruction, mix all colors and guests are thrilled! Check out Creative Cafe and book your next event with our program.

Meet the Business Owner


Sandra Fioramonti-Sabene    Business Owner/Artist/Motivational Speaker/Trained Event Facilitator

Sandra is a gifted artist, teacher, and healer. She opened Liverpool Art Center in 2002 as a gallery and quickly met with public demand offering art classes and events which grew the business into a successful community organization. She has offered art, healing and intuition services/sessions extensively at events, in healthcare facilities and countless organizations/schools from Central NY, PA through to the Canadian border since 2005. Now she focuses all her energy on building the community arts and healing center settled into her quaint lake-side village location. Sandra has been in the arts most of her life and loves to explore all painting mediums. Her love of healing and helping others inspired a series called "Meditative Painting" which is now a signature course at Liverpool Art center. Her artwork has been featured in many Syracuse publications, CNY exhibitions, and the Upstate Cancer Center. read more


(315)234-9333  101 Lake Drive Liverpool, NY 13088 USA