We are so blessed to welcome our fall facilitators 2018


Elizabeth Mason MPH RN CPYT

Throughout the past 16 years Elizabeth has gained wisdom and expertise in pregnancy and childbirth through her experiences as a Doula, Midwife Apprentice, L&D RN, Certified Breastfeeding and Childbirth Educator, and Prenatal Yoga Instructor.  Adding a Level II Reiki Practitioner Certification and working towards an IAWP Wellness Coach and Therapeutic Chakra Certification, Elizabeth aims to expand from empowering women through birth to empowering the greater community.  Her vision is to create and facilitate supportive spaces for people to embody self-care practices through intuitive movement, breath-work, singing, drumming, dancing, and yoga to foster a rise in vibration and build a community thriving to reach Empowered Living.


LivAvtar Kaur

LivAvtar Kaur (Beth-Ann Wise) is a Kundalini Yoga Teacher and musician offering yoga classes, kirtan and gong baths in the Syracuse area.  Her uplifting experiences combine the healing power of ancient technology of Kundalini Yoga and vibratory instruments to transform participants and create internal peace so peace can be projected into our world.

Karen Jaynes PR pic.jpg

Karen Jaynes, eRYT

Karen Jaynes, eRYT is an internationally recognized, experienced yoga teacher and owner of All Ways Yoga, Yoga and Wellness Company, (now simply known as Karen Jaynes Yoga) based in the Washington, DC Metro Area.  Karen thrives on threading people, places, and experiences into concepts, conversations, and opportunities. She feels purpose in continuing to find ways to draw community together through conversations, life stories, writing, music, events, workshops, yoga and meditation.  As a yoga teacher for over 14 years and practitioner for over 18, her commitment to ancient practices and their teachings is foundational for all of her inspirations, growth, and successes.  With a background in business and as a creative entrepreneur, she has worked with and created successful businesses; teaching and coaching thousands of students over the past 20 years. She is an intuitive facilitator and has in-depth experience guiding diverse groups along physical, emotional and spiritual journeys. It is through her own realizations she offers heart-centered and intentional life leadership and has worked with individuals through trauma and addiction recovery, PTSD and CPTSD   Her mantra is “Self-Study” and through the devotion to her own personal path, she continually reinvents and creates new and conscious conversations, curriculum, techniques, dialogues, and businesses. Karen is very proud to be mom to two amazing teenagers she feels are her greatest teachers. She believes that the root of our personal sustainability and successes begin and thrive from intimately knowing ourselves.


Melissa Jennings LMT

Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor and Certified  Integrative Reflexology Practitioner who studied the fundamentals of Ayurveda, Hatha Yoga  and Ayurvedic Massage  at one of the leading ayurvedic centers in Europe at Tapovan Open University of Yoga and Ayurveda in Normandy, France.

Upon the first week of studies I felt as though the root of the teachings had already been within me since early childhood...a deep, loving connection with nature and all living things.

I am dedicated to helping people connect with their inner selves through the different techniques I've learned from masters of the art and philosophy of yoga and Ayurveda.

I have received initiation of the Nusta Karpay Rites: 7 Goddess rites from Incan Shamanic tradition, am forever a student of Plant Spirit Medicine and am also an abstract artist creating images and textile art representing the common threads that unite us.





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Michael Deaton CDCF

Michael Deaton is a musician, artist, mentor, and teacher with close to 20 years of experience creating integrative arts programs for all ages. His hands-on programs foster connection, creativity, and resilience. Michael has taken classes with countless teachers from other cultures, including many West African drum teachers. He is a trainer with Jim Donovan’s Drum Circle Leadership course and a graduate of many programs that bring together world music, leadership, and fostering human potential, including Rhythm Planet and Village Music Circles with Arthur Hull.

As a performer, Michael has collaborated with many talented musicians, poets, and artists from around the world, and has played to crowds as large as 5,000 people. He once had the honor of performing for Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Michael also uses sound to facilitate movement, meditation, and well-being by creating soundscapes that integrate singing bowls, drums, percussion, and gong resonance into yoga classes and other intentional settings. 
As a teacher, he has presented at many state and national conferences, visited hundreds of classrooms, created and taught curriculum for the Virginia Dept. of Social Services and the Virginia Alzheimer’s Association, as well as running programs at large music festivals like Lock’n and Bonnaroo. He has also taught World Drumming for Non-Musicians as an adjunct instructor at St. Francis University, where he taught students not just how to play a drum, but how to use rhythm as a tool for a healthier, more enjoyable life!
Visit MichaelDeaton.com for more information.



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Creating with Spirit - Expressive Pathways for Self Discoveries: Empowering - Purposeful - Healing - Freeing the Mind

How would your life change if you woke up everyday feeling a sense of belonging and purpose?       

How would you feel if you were living everyday in the present moment; filled with gratitude? Do you?

How would you feel if every relationship in your life felt like a beautiful connection? Do you?

Most people would challenge these questions saying that NO ONE does! And I would agree wholeheartedly......

But we can navigate this life with more joy, more connected to the present and more engaged with the world we are choosing to live in. Feeling more engaged!

......SO how can we do this?    

Self-care practices. Creative expression. Loving ourselves.

Enjoy our retreats in spring and fall to immerse yourself into relaxing, inspiring, creative, practices

Meet our peers who hope to grow and maybe even connect in new ways

Feel inspired!  Feel motivated! Feel re-ignited! and ready for change....inside and outside

Why I believe that everyone needs to express through creativity!

Creativity is our most valuable and accessible tool for growth, connection and self empowerment.

We all crave connection and purpose in our lives. But we spend so much time and energy "defining" what that "should look like, feel like and how the outcome should be.....

We lose the gift in being creative.

We lose the magic in being present with ourselves through the most natural part of this incredible experience....the magic of feeling connected.

CLICK HERE: video we created from previous retreats in Upstate NY and Healing Waters Sanctuary

" When I began painting for myself, it wasn't because I was going to sell my canvases. I was stuck. I was lost in fear and I was hearing nothing except the "self critique". I opened the door and knocked down the wall that I built within my mind....I built a bridge to my heart so that I could FEEL the flow of creativity. What happened then was astounding and transformed my life on every level."      ~Sandra Fioramonti-Sabene
  • Creativity is our most valuable and accessible tool for growth, connection and empowerment.

  • We all crave connection and purpose in our lives. But we spend so much time and energy "defining" what that "should look like, feel like and how the outcome should be.....

  • We lose the gift in being creative.

  • We lose the magic in being present with ourselves through the most natural part of this incredible experience....the magic of feeling connected.

Sandra Sabene and Healing Waters Sanctuary


18 acres of wooded peace, large pond next to a 2 story retreat house with full kitchen, 2 full baths, and 3 rooms plus a main meeting room. It's cozy, small groups attend arts & healing intensives. (unmarked, stone driveway that is quite steep!...that's what makes this place so secluded & magical)

Why is this called Healing Waters?...

Sandra received her spirit name during Lakota naming ceremony with her Lakota sister, Elizabeth Mason in 2017 after awaking as Healing Waters Woman at retreat in 2012. The pond on the land is an acre wide and is fed continuously by 7 natural springs which overflows by stoney water cascade into butterfly creek. The land called to Sandra and Daniel (hubby) in 2016 and has been a sacred place for people to gather since then.

Sandra Sabene/Artist since 2001

Sandra Sabene is an award-winning energy artist, Reiki MT, Creative Coach, intuitive medium, and owner of Liverpool Art Center. Through art, music and the rhythm of the natural world there are endless opportunities to explore our Sacred Selves. Some topics that frequently come up during these session are: emotional blocks, creative blocks, clarity for life direction, well being, relationships and creative pathways.  Learn more about services available through Sandra’s Arts & Healing Center:  www.LiverpoolArtCenter.com    

  Artwork: www.ArtBySandra.com