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What is Creative Rhythms ?
Experiential: Attend CR events which include wellness experiences in the expressive arts, rhythm and meditation arenas. Each event can be beneficial on its own. Many participants are inspired to attend many CR events which may inspire the leader within to ask how they can get more involved.

Vision/Mission: The Creative Rhythms Mission is simple: Build bridges that inspire connection and community through creative self development experiences. These bridges inspire strong community foundations within existing groups/facilities and create building blocks for newly forming communities or businesses.

Why was this program developed in 2018:
* Creative Rhythms Facilitator Training Program was developed and launched in late 2018 due to the rising interest and demand for our programs which began growing fast in 2016. There are not enough facilitators offering these types of programs and we felt the need to train people to do what we do.

Who would would benefit most from this training:
• Drummers, artists, wellness practitioners seeking growth (personal & business)
• Persons experiencing a life transition seeking like-minded people
• LAC community members looking to become part of the team
• Drum Circle Facilitators searching to add a uniqueness to their program
• Teachers, leaders, healthcare professionals searching for alternative experiential tools to incorporate within their program/community ect.

Do I have to want to learn all 3 specialties (art, drumming, meditation)?
ONLY for the Team Leader Certification.

What time commitment is involved in becoming CRF Certified for Rhythm Wellness?

  • INTRO: 2 day training + a 3 hour rhythm event

  • Level ONE: one “2 day training” + three 3 hour rhythm events

  • Level TWO: two “2 day trainings” + six 3 hour rhythm events

  • Advanced: two “2 day trainings” + six 3 hour rhythm events + a “2 day rhythm Intensive”

    + the Creative Rhythms Graduate Retreat

What time commitment is involved in becoming CRF Certified for Expressive Arts?

  • 2 day training 10am-5pm each day + a practice co-facilitation event that weekend

What time commitment is involved in becoming CRF Certified for Expressive Arts?

  • 2 day training 10am-5pm each day + a practice co-facilitation event that weekend

What are the levels and do I have to achieve them all to get started?

What's each level and what you can do right away? Can I get right to work?

* The 2 day CR Drum Circle Facilitator training- start a drum circle
* CRF Apprenticeship- co-facilitate with our team at events (volunteer)
* CRF Intermediate- co-facilitate and lead events (some paid + mentorship)
* CRF Advanced- lead events and mentorships (paid + accepted in Team Leadership Program)
* CRF Team Leader- Lead/Design/plan CR Events + Administrative Benefits

What other certification programs are offered with Creative Rhythms?

  • Expressive Arts/Meditative Painting

  • Creative Rhythms Sound Meditation

    How do I become a CRF Team Leader:
    • Through our training levels: Apprentice/Intermediate/Advanced level system.
    • After completing requirements for the Advanced CR Facilitator Training, you would apply to become a Team Leader.

    What does a CR Team Leader do and what are the benefits?
    * Become part of a team online and in-person
    * Benefits include business connections and paid opportunities
    * Team Leaders facilitate CR events and become part of the foundation of CRFT Programs
    What if I have never experienced drumming?..or Painting...or Meditation before now?
    • The Team Leader Training is extensive with limitless possibilities for learning about each specialty (art, drumming, meditation)
    • During the events listed about you will have ample opportunities too explore and experience the benefits of each area of wellness.
    • Click this link to learn more about all 3 specialties and the proven benefits.

    What if I am curious, but I’m not sure if I can commit time and finances for the trainings?

What are my options:

• Attend a ONE DAY WORKSHOP- "Discover Your Creative Rhythms"
• Attend any of the 2 monthly drum circles at Liverpool Art Center
• Attend a rhythm event at any Creative Rhythms Affiliate locations
• Attend a 2 Day Drum Circle Facilitator Training

Each option listed above is designed as a one time experience for anyone who is curious about CR Facilitation and they are designed for self care/self development workshops.

What if I love the workshops and take the training, but can’t attend the graduate retreat to complete this year's certification as a CR Team Leader?

  • There are always options because our goal is to create community connections. Here are some options below(if you don't see one that helps you, feel free to contact us VIA email)

  • There is no deadline to become a Team Leader. There's always next year!

  • Keep coming to the events listed above which will keep you connected and build your skills as a facilitator.

  • The requirements will be listed on your "hours sheet" so it's clear as you accumulate training/experiences/required hours.

2020 MENTOR-SHIP PROGRAM- In 2020 the newly certified CR Team leaders will be mentoring anyone interested in becoming part of this team in 2020. Email us if you would like an application for the mentor-ship program in 2020 which will offer a few discounted options.

Facilitator Training

Creative Rhythms Training Manual

for Rhythm Programs….

Take a look inside one of our training manuals. We offer 3 facilitator training programs:

  • Expressive Arts~ Meditative Painting, Creative Jam Session

  • Rhythm~Creative Rhythms DCF

  • Meditation~ CR Sound Meditation

This sample CR Rhythm Wellness manual shows how we inspire participants to bring their own ideas to create a unique community based program that requires less musical skill than you might expect. We encourage taking a look inside, bring your experiences and strengths to light. Discover the leader within and learn how to create exciting, innovation events that inspire connection and community.

Health Benefits of Drumming:

Recent neurological research has showcased the positive impact of rhythmic music for people who have experienced trauma, improving emotional regulation and reducing stress and anxiety associated with relapse. Additionally, experiential therapies such as drumming offer……”

Evidence Based Research

Its an exciting time to be drumming for a cause. Researchers in mental and physical health fields are providing evidence based research offering resources and statistics proving the many benefits of drumming, expressive arts and meditation practices.


Read what participants and trainees have said about our program over the 12 years in the rhythm for wellness business…