Traditional Usui Reiki certification courses

  • REIKI Level I Class  -online & one 6hr in-person class with certificate
  • REIKI Level II Class - online & 2 day in-person course with certificate
  • ENERGY CLASS -  one day - three day in-person courses with certificate


These are 1- 3 day workshops offering healing, hands-on instruction and practice for energy healing, intuitive skill building and self-care for anyone learning how to align and heal with our subtle energies. The classes include all necessary materials such as: supplies, workbook, journal, crystals, oils, and printable charts/resources for furthering your practice.

Reiki Level One:  Students learn the Reiki hand positions for self healing, meditations and tools for energetic self care practices and receive the attunement which opens 10-20% of the Reiki channels. 

Reiki Level Two: Students learn the entire Reiki system for practicing Reiki on others and distant healing and the attunement which opens the Reiki channels 100%

Energy Workshop: These classes offer integrative tools for: with the body's energy systems, working with our charkas, utilizing self-guided meditations for a more balanced self-care practice and building this into a life style and/or business practice.

  •  Students should bring: healthy dish to pass and snacks and beverages.
  • Bring yoga mat OR blankets & pillows for meditation portion of the class
  • · IMPORTANT  AND REQUIRED: 24-48hrs prior students should prepare the body for a shift created by the Reiki attunement and/or energy work. We recommend eating light, hydrating and no alcohol or mind altering substances.


  • $50 Level I   
  • $100 for Level II
  • $40-200  per Energy Workshop

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  • PLEASE CALL OR EMAIL To express an interest and your availability in which energy class.