We offer classes a few times a year.  For dates and registration please see our events calendar.  Please feel free to e-mail for more information.  

DATES TBA.  The first 10 people registered and paid in full will attend our next class.  Watch for announcement of date!  Registration will be available on our event calendar.

Choosing the size and style of your drum shell (base) will determine your price.  All prices listed include supplies, instruction, and use of our shop for 2 days.  If you are unsure about different drums we will assist  you in choosing a drum, designs, colors, and anything else you might be uncertain about. Click here for demonstration.

Ivory Coast Djembe Kit (pictured below, left)

$165 + shipping includes 12.5" x 24"H, goat skin, rings (some wrapped), rope.  Prices may vary.

+$50 for 2 day instruction 

Guinea Djembe Kit (pictured below, right)

Guinea Djembes are rich in sound and rock any drum circle!  If you're looking for a resounding rhythm, spend a little more on this kit.  Keep in mind the the sound also depends on the drummer, so if you are uncertain of which drum you want, stop by and try a few at our store.

$240 + shipping includes 12.5-13" x 24" H, goat skin, rings (some wrapped), rope. Grain/styyle will vary according to availability.

+$50 for 2 day instruction


$50 for 2 day studio time / workshop includes:

paint, brushes, stains

woodburners, pencil, transfers

sanding/shaping supplies

gloves, cleaning supplies

Hands-on guidance through prepping, designing and roping.  All drums need tuning a few weeks after the drum is made.  Bring your drum back to the shop (by appointment) to be tuned.  We'll also teach you the mali weave to tune your own drum.

Our drum making supplies are purchased online from a reputable craftsman. These photos are directly from his website. We appreciate the high quality products and prompt delivery. We offer our space, experience and passion for creating drums (as well as playing them!). 

We started making drums with Stan the Drum Man 6+ years ago. He inspired a whirlwind in our center and we've been motivated to offer this workshop ever since. We extend a world of gratitude to Stan!  You can visit Stan here.

 We offer our space, experience and passion for creating drums (as well as playing them!).