Liverpool Art Center’s Introduction to Adobe Photoshop

Instructor Summary:

    As an upcoming Illustration and Animation student, Graham Murphy has been using Photoshop to improve his artwork and artistic edge in high school and college for many years. With lots of experience in the field as well as in the program, Graham is ready to pass on what he knows for those who want to learn the basics of Photoshop. 

Course Description:

Students will gain a working knowledge of Photoshop and develop their skills in editing and altering photographs for through a basic understanding of the tool bar, layers, and the adjustments panel. This course will take a look at the basic yet powerful features of Photoshop. You will discover the vast possibilities of traditional tools, and develop an understanding of sophisticated layering techniques. Exercise files will be available for each class, but you are encouraged to bring your own images to work on during studio time. Throughout this course you will learn the tools you need to be more efficient in your photo-editing skills and to increase the flexibility and quality of your artwork.


Times and Dates:

 WEDNESDAYS 4-6pm at Liverpool Art Center

Starting June 28th

(Start date is subject to change with enrollment/ will continue thru July as a weekly class)

Weekend Workshop July 2017 dates TBA




Required Supplies/Materials:

I am NOT supplying anything on this list. You’ll have to bring everything yourself.

  • Laptop with Adobe Photoshop installed, either Photoshop CC (highly recommended) or CS6.

    • Photoshop CC has more helpful tools and workflow aides that CS6 does not, but either versions are acceptable.

  • Charger for your laptop

  • External Hard-drive or Thumb drive (minimum 16 GB).

    • You’ll need a safe spot to save all of your files. This way, you can easily locate everything you need for certain projects that you’ve already saved. Plus, when you want to transfer a finished work, you can simply plug in your drive to another laptop or computer. Personally, I have a 1 TB (1,000+ GB) external hard-drive that I use for all of my projects, but you won’t need anything near that size.


Class Schedule:

  • Lesson One: Learning the Basics

    • Learn how to navigate the program. Learn what tools do which things, such as the marquee tool, the magic wand, the eraser, layers, etc. Learn how to set up a new custom file, and learn how to make a simple composite of multiple photographs.


  • Lesson Two: Transformations

    • Learn to use all the transformation tools in new and innovative ways. Learn how to scale, warp, skew, and change perspective of an object or layer to turn it into something else


  • Lesson Three: Adjustments

    • Learn how to control color and value with adjustment tools such as “levels” and “hue/saturation.” Learn to understand how color affects your image, and learn to balance it in your artwork. Learn how to use the color replacement brush to turn one particular color of a photo into another color with ease


  • Lesson Four: The Final Touches

    • With your artwork almost complete, you’ll need to add those finishing touches to it. Learn how to use the Spot Healing brush, the Patch tool,  the burn and dodge tools, among many others.