Creative Rhythms Programs for Hire

 CommUNITY Rhythms  

A facilitated rhythm program for wellness

CommUNITY rhythms inspires and strengthens a sense of community through various facilitated rhythm experiences. We create safe space for building self confidence and exploring powerful tools for self expression based on ancient traditions. Rhythm wellness programs teach through self-discovery, non-verbal interaction and opportunities for stepping outside our comfort zone. The ultimate goals for this program are to have fun, learn new ways to observe what’s really going on around us and find our true voice. 

Participants will:

- Explore simple ways we can use percussion tools for wellness

- Create safe space as a group to inspire connection and community

- Express how we feel and inspire self confidence

- Experience creative approaches for managing stress and anxiety

- Discover how non-verbal communication can help us feel empowered

Experiences may include all or some of the following:

   - Learn how to play a hand drum

   - Learn simple body rhythms

   - Enjoy facilitated playful drumming games

   - Learn Rhythms Seeds/phonetic tool

   - Play free form drumming (play what we feel)

   - Experience a biomusicology phenomenon (entrainment)

Who benefits from the experience of a commUNITY Rhythm Event ?

   - People struggling with anxiety and stress

   - People who tend to isolate and seeking opportunities to connect

   - People struggling with depression

   - People seeking tools to manage insomnia

   - People struggling with a lack of focus, concentration and finding purpose

   - People struggling with social anxiety


What happens when we arrive?

- Welcome the drummers and introduce who we are

- Begin by showing how to use the instruments we'll be using

- Make music, explore ways to make the group sound good

- Invite everyone to join in several activities that inspire creative expression

Why is drumming a good way to build community and connect with ourselves and others?  Research has shown that drumming

- Strengths the immune system

- Improves mood and reduced burnout of workers under stress

- Reverses the ravages of stress at the cellular level

- Reduces anxiety, depression and feelings of loneliness

- Improves aerobic and cardiovascular system

CommUNITY Rhythms is one of many programs inspiring community and connection.