Training to be Creative or Crazy?...

All Aboard the Crazy Train.....

After spending a few days in a very grounded and very high energy space this weekend, I felt compelled to share a little about what gets me fired up and creatively charged.

Yes, I am going to share my crazy train ideas!  So here goes...

I know we have all had moments when we just feel like nothing is inspiring and maybe a bit sluggish. I get that way even when I am doing a hundred tasks and juggling life "stuff". I get this feeling as if I'm clogged up inside and forcing whatever energy I can to keep me afloat- tending to my daily commitments. I don't like this forced sense of duty.

So I do a little check in. And I do this more often now than ever before; why? Because I am the busiest that I have ever been in my life! There's more people in my life, more classes and events, more need for generating art, graphics and program design than EVER before. So you'd think that I'd find less time to do these simple little things, but no! These "little things" are what allows me to keep fresh, clear and focused. It's amazing what happens to my energy and creativity when I don't do them.

What do I do for me? I am going to share the list even if you think I'm crazy. lol

I call this the crazy train because I feel as though I am training my brain, body and whole self to be "crazy" and move through it. Thinking outside the box just isn't enough! ACTING OUTSIDE THE BOX is running on the crazy yourself to let the crazy OUT!

And I would love to invite you to join me on the crazy train. Try one or more of these. Or send me an email with your crazy train list!




Here Goes:

I twirl around my studio to crazy loud music

I shut all the lights off and lay in child's pose in the middle of the day

I spend hours writing bubble letter words on paper and coloring them in

I put on a long swirly skirt and go to a conservative shop and have coffee with a huge smile

I drum.....crazy drumming with no rhythm or style

I sing on a park bench until the next bird comes along and sings with me

I hug a least until someone comes along and then I say thanks to the tree<3

I get a bucket of paint and throw it on a 5-7 foot canvas....Yes, I have pics

I paint over old paintings and have no idea what the outcome will be

I draw or paint to the rhythm of crazy music until I breathe deeper

I stare ay my dog until he licks my nose

I tell everyone I know that I have a new idea!....then I come up with one and it just flows

I write a bunch or words on a canvas and paint over them

I journal on a huge canvas and pick colors with eyes close and slather on the paint. Oooooooh the texture is luxurious.

I smile like an idiot at wegmans until someone smiles back the same way...then say hello!

There are so many more to share, but I feel like dancing, so.......     bye<3


Creative Love Notes

From Sandi<3