Wrapping and Paper

Gifts come in all shapes and sizes. <3

But the season of giving and receiving is never ending. I'm not writing about the holiday season. I'm not writing about the gifts we picture under the tree when we think of December, winter, gifts, friends and family. 

The gifts we share are the moments we create. These are the living legacies that touch the lives of generations to come.  

The moments are small and sometimes they are big! Impactful in ways that seem beyond our strength and test our faith. But sometimes the moments are small and we share simple wisdom... If we are listening. 

I am learning to listen. 


I am learning to receive

I am learning to give

I am learning to listen for the needs of others even when they say there is nothing lacking. I am learning to take time for myself and ask for help even when my mind tells me that this is wrong. I am learning that the best gift to be given is my time... Being present. THIS is the greatest gift we can give to ourselves AND to others. This simple gift has the power to mend the heartaches of the world.  

These are the gifts to be cherished in the moment. In a hurried life, this is difficult. In the loudness of our mind, this is near impossible. 

What do I do to slow down? How do I unwrap the gifts in a busy world full of computers, texting, social media and people searching for connection?... 

i look into a child's eyes

i breathe in the whispers of angels

i look up into the face of God

i touch the face of my loved ones

i ask for help so I may care for myself  

i feel grace, gratitude and God in everything around me.... Even the paper that allows me to journal until I've unwrapped all the small gifts I've missed along my hurried way. <3



Love Notes from Sandi<3