Creating Art From The Heart

A thought=An idea=A Feeling=A Choice=    An Awakening vs A Waiting

Ideas are thoughts that evolve into inspirations which evolve our humanity into a soulful experience....or at least there is that potential. 

So how does this happen and are we capable of taking part in this process?

 HOW CAN THIS HAPPEN IN PUREST FORM......A thought is an idea that becomes an inspiration which fills your entire body with glorious vibrations and awakens powerful emotions residing deep within the hidden spaces in the darkness of our subconscious until HOPE shines it's light. So what is an idea? It's an inspiration that awakens HOPE!   Hope?......

That hope of...."What if?!?" 

What if I could....

What if I was....

What if I had....

How is does an idea become an inspiration? It's a thought you keep thinking. Instead if just dismissing it; draining it of all possibility until it moves onto another open mind.  what if you keep thinking this idea?...

An idea brought into light becomes inspiring as we keep thinking it....this inspiration has possibility of becoming a reality. Through action. What happens between the awakening of an inspiration and the action?

One of Two or fear

                                        LOVE     or    FEAR

If we feel love for ourselves, the idea becomes an inspiration and we create! It's that simple! Loving ourselves dissolves fear, doubt, and the inner critique.

If we feel fear, the idea moves away from our heart and floats around in the ethers. We still created the idea. We haven't dismissed it.  It's still in our a thought, a dream, a vision.... and sometimes we hear someone speaking about it (and maybe we dismiss it and it's moved on)....but sometimes we feel an excitement that it's possible and hope begins to grow again.....and what will become stronger???    

One of Two or fear         

                                    LOVE      or    FEAR    


Here's what I do when this tug-of-war happens inside of me. I journal! Yes, I begin to let the pen flow without thoughts leading the "proper" way of getting it down on paper. I flow with heart=guided energy. Sometimes it stops as soon as I begin. I feel this STUCK energy and I realize that I am not flowing with this particular idea, but I am trying to make an idea. Oh no! This is not an easy way to create with spirit! oh no! What to do?....simple WAIT & trust.

BUT, oh my...... When the pen flows, there is an unfolding of my soul that occurs and this involves my entire body, heart, mind and spirit. I feel as though I am not even moving or thinking the thoughts I am creating on the paper. I feel a heart=guided energy that moves like a river through my hands and heart. I have no intentions in mind or outcome envisioned. I don't even have a sense of whether or not the words will ever be seen by another soul.


I JUST paint with this same process

I JUST dance with this same process

I JUST play the flute with this same process

I am learning to LOVE with this same process