Creative Collaboration

When we create, the process is ALWAYS a collaboration. The inspiration, motivation and the actual manifestation is all a collaborative process; even if we are in total seclusion.  

Our experiences that generate the ideas and action, the materials we use, the sharing of the final product. Every step is part of a collaboration of our outside world and our inside world. We all possess creative potential and the ability to manifest(a drawing, a book, a blog, a garden, a meal etc.). There is always the possibility.... 

When we get out of our own way.  

When we define and re-define the limits we set on our experiences.

Journaling, drumming, painting and dancing are ways that I choose to constantly re-define the boundaries that I call, My Life.

These boundaries help us function in a world that has limitless possibilities... For most humans, our minds can not Wrap around the idea of limitless.... Of course there's a limit to what I can do! Or is there?

Time is a limiting factor: only 24hrs in a day!  

Space is a limiting factor: only so much room where I can create, build, dance, ect.. 

Social acceptance is a factor: what would people think? I'm off my rocker!  

Resources are the biggest limit we set on ourselves: not enough money, no support from others, no one to teach me, no one to partner with that thinks like I do....






Move through the boundaries that are in our mind and feel your way through each step

write thoughts

move color

dig in the earth

connect with the rhythm

feel the body awaken and move to music

Journal entry fall 2015

Journal entry fall 2015

Julia Cameron's The Artists Way is a great starting point for awakening to change and creating foundations for expression.  

This is my journal entry from last year. I create programs that inspire others (and myself) to express without boundaries. And if I don't practice daily self care, I feel disconnected(the illusion created by the mind) and I eventually STOP manifesting through awareness.... Instead, I create with the thoughts I am thinking- foggy and detatched collaborations. Detours from what the authentic self wants to attract! 

If we allow the doubt, fear, resistance or "old tapes" to continue tell us that these creative moments are a waste!....

THAT IS THE TRUE WASTE: Unused creative potential.  

 The Stanley Kunitz quote in this image says it beautifully and I feel this powerful message when I write my dark thoughts and  see the limited beliefs pouring into the page... And let go!

Then I feel the gratitude for the gift of creative living. 

Thanks for reading my Creative Love Notes<3 I hope to inspire with my babbling thoughts

Training to be Creative or Crazy?...

All Aboard the Crazy Train.....

After spending a few days in a very grounded and very high energy space this weekend, I felt compelled to share a little about what gets me fired up and creatively charged.

Yes, I am going to share my crazy train ideas!  So here goes...

I know we have all had moments when we just feel like nothing is inspiring and maybe a bit sluggish. I get that way even when I am doing a hundred tasks and juggling life "stuff". I get this feeling as if I'm clogged up inside and forcing whatever energy I can to keep me afloat- tending to my daily commitments. I don't like this forced sense of duty.

So I do a little check in. And I do this more often now than ever before; why? Because I am the busiest that I have ever been in my life! There's more people in my life, more classes and events, more need for generating art, graphics and program design than EVER before. So you'd think that I'd find less time to do these simple little things, but no! These "little things" are what allows me to keep fresh, clear and focused. It's amazing what happens to my energy and creativity when I don't do them.

What do I do for me? I am going to share the list even if you think I'm crazy. lol

I call this the crazy train because I feel as though I am training my brain, body and whole self to be "crazy" and move through it. Thinking outside the box just isn't enough! ACTING OUTSIDE THE BOX is running on the crazy yourself to let the crazy OUT!

And I would love to invite you to join me on the crazy train. Try one or more of these. Or send me an email with your crazy train list!




Here Goes:

I twirl around my studio to crazy loud music

I shut all the lights off and lay in child's pose in the middle of the day

I spend hours writing bubble letter words on paper and coloring them in

I put on a long swirly skirt and go to a conservative shop and have coffee with a huge smile

I drum.....crazy drumming with no rhythm or style

I sing on a park bench until the next bird comes along and sings with me

I hug a least until someone comes along and then I say thanks to the tree<3

I get a bucket of paint and throw it on a 5-7 foot canvas....Yes, I have pics

I paint over old paintings and have no idea what the outcome will be

I draw or paint to the rhythm of crazy music until I breathe deeper

I stare ay my dog until he licks my nose

I tell everyone I know that I have a new idea!....then I come up with one and it just flows

I write a bunch or words on a canvas and paint over them

I journal on a huge canvas and pick colors with eyes close and slather on the paint. Oooooooh the texture is luxurious.

I smile like an idiot at wegmans until someone smiles back the same way...then say hello!

There are so many more to share, but I feel like dancing, so.......     bye<3


Creative Love Notes

From Sandi<3




We Bring All We Are to the Canvases we Create

your story.jpg

Something I have learn as a teacher and an artist....when we begin ANY creative activity, we bring all that we are in that moment to the blank canvas, empty pages, untended gardens and every creative experience. LISTEN, these are not tasks to be conquered! These are not chores unless we make them work with goals, deadlines and drama....

(if we get out of our own way)

Here is what I help my students discover.....

As I watch each person come into the studio ready for the class to start, ready to let the day melt away, ready to breathe a little deeper...I see what comes in with them. THIS is what they create with...through...around.

Sometimes it's in the body language: tense muscles, tight jaw, head down (saying, please don't read me! please! I want to suffer through this alone").

Sometimes it's clear in the first words they speak... "My day sucked. I couldn't WAIT to get here!"  "I counted the hours til I could be here today...ALL WEEK!"    " I couldn't think until I walked through that door."   "Where's the wine!"  "I just don't think I can focus on this intense painting today, do you have anything else I can do? I just want to be here."

Sometimes I see the push and pull as they begin to paint or draw...solid resistance. Stubbornly stating...."NO! I want to finish one before I start anything else!"

Sometimes I see a relaxed, grounded person enter and they are almost immediately in their zone....almost floating as they set up, choose colors, lay out the brushes and begin to play. The beauty in this fills the studio for everyone to enjoy. The energy is pure, unharnessed and joyful.


YES, It is a choice! It's always a choice!

This is why I, personally,  have endless mediums that I use to express my ideas, thoughts, visions, emotions, teachings, and every fluid energy that is born from my spirit.

I choose to create with the medium that will express with the most fluidity in my current state of being.

Today I choose writing on the laptop!...Why? because I feel a feverish anger that's spilling through me with words that can not come out fast enough! SO pounding the keys of my computer feels therapeutic. THIS WOULD NOT FEEL GOOD AS PAINT OR DANCING OR EVEN SINGING!! I love to do all of these, but the words are ready to come out! The pen is not rhythmic I am beating the keys to the rhythm of my music and feeling the energy racing from my heart as I empty the inspirations from my head(through my heart center).

THIS is what I am bringing to my canvas today.

Can I offer a few suggestions if you feel stuck or slow progress in your creative expressions?...

  • What if you feel stuck, but want to paint?
  • What if you have something to express, but feel stuck or stressed or lack direction?
  • What if the ideas just aren't coming?
  • What if ALL that you've learned in bottled up inside and you feel as though you haven't got an ounce of skill or talent...quitting is crossing your mind...

PEACE!.....   Peace is where you find your starting place.

During class I often remind students to BREATHE! They usually realize that until I spoke, they were not breathing or they were breathing so shallow that they felt a release when they finally took a deep breath.


The breath is a quick way to move toward silence. 

Why silence?

Where do you think most people find inspirations?


When I feel blocked, unclear or uninspired....I KNOW I have not taken time to sit in silence. I know I am disconnected. I am not charged with inspirations that come from deep within me...only ideas of the mind; surface, low energy and I am pushing myself where there is not a path that inspires me.

Why?  Why do I get to this space?....Mostly because I have not labeled it a priority in my life until there is a problem that has brought my awareness to a block or fear or uninspired artist mind. NOOOOO!!

Simple solution! Sit in silence (music with NO words helps too) close your eyes, and simply focus on your breathing....IN   and   OUT    IN   and OUT   IN and OUT(say the words if it helps at first).

After 5 minutes, open your eyes and become aware of any shift, in your body, your mind, your sense or being??  

NOW!! this is what we bring to our canvas...

  • A greater sense of well being
  • More clarity
  • A peaceful space within
  • A sense of having a choice
  • Grounded-ness
  • A stronger connection to what is within, around and greater than ourselves.


Try this the next time you step into a creative experience. Notice the empowering feeling when you choose your steps instead of following an agenda, schedule or curriculum.


Love Notes from Sandi <3


The REAL Question is...

Am I creating because I need something in exchange for a product Or service?  


Am I creating because there's something inside that burns within me and MUST be expressed for no other reason except to BE EXPRESSED!  


A friend posted about her struggles with her art and I felt so compelled to share my thoughts, I felt my own creative process engaged as I wrote! So I'd like to share my post with you. 

I'd like to share this... After I posted this reply to her post, I was re-reading for editing purposes. And I realized that I was truely writing a letter to myself. THAT was a profound experience. So TODAY I will create! TODAY ALL DAY I will write and paint and dance and sing and I will love me for having this day. THIS is the key to keeping the creative fire lit! I pray that you all find this day for yourself... A day of expressing with complete abandon. Create with your Spirit


My reply to a FB post by a struggling artist...

Dear Artist Friend,  this is the job description of the career artist. Every job has training and certifications... The professional artist must seek constantly within because art comes from the soul.... When it doesn't, we see the lack of it and critique. That's why we see some over simplified art selling for millions...there is soul. The artist expresses within and THAT is the key! So the question that you're really asking is.... Who am I and how do I achieve a deeper connection so I feel guided within my expression.... Any art that you choose to express yourself will do... When you are expressing from your heart and soul(your true-higher self). And a criticism or a lack or recognition (outside of yourself) will NOT matter to you because it was the expression that was the highest experience! The process of expressing a thought, a feeling, an experience, a melody that lives deep within you and grew so loud that it could not reside... It needed  to be expressed! THAT is true art!  In contrast.... A career artist needs to balance all of this (to remain open to ideas and the process) while bending to the needs of making money for bills. Illustrators are challenged with mundane repetitive tasks which often suck the soul from their creative process. Painters who make a living through their art must bend to the demands of what's selling. Writers struggle with similar challenges... As do actors, musicians and so on... SO the question to ask yourself is... "IS MY ART A CAREER CHOICE OR MY TOOL FOR CONNECTION, GROWTH AND HEALING?"

Please consider the workshops I mentioned? These are exactly the questions that are answered in the Artist's Way 12 week course. The group helps us realize that this is something we ALL struggle with and we are not alone in the searching.

Peace to you, my friend✨✨✨


And!! I agree with Jo Anne's reply..... Just do it!!!! That's MY own personal process mantra. Make bad art! Write anything, sing loud and off key, bang on the strings!!! Just do it! Let your inner child play free and she will show you secrets about your creative process that will unlock the doors and tear down those creative walls!! 🎨💃👍✨✨🌀




Wrapping and Paper

Gifts come in all shapes and sizes. <3

But the season of giving and receiving is never ending. I'm not writing about the holiday season. I'm not writing about the gifts we picture under the tree when we think of December, winter, gifts, friends and family. 

The gifts we share are the moments we create. These are the living legacies that touch the lives of generations to come.  

The moments are small and sometimes they are big! Impactful in ways that seem beyond our strength and test our faith. But sometimes the moments are small and we share simple wisdom... If we are listening. 

I am learning to listen. 


I am learning to receive

I am learning to give

I am learning to listen for the needs of others even when they say there is nothing lacking. I am learning to take time for myself and ask for help even when my mind tells me that this is wrong. I am learning that the best gift to be given is my time... Being present. THIS is the greatest gift we can give to ourselves AND to others. This simple gift has the power to mend the heartaches of the world.  

These are the gifts to be cherished in the moment. In a hurried life, this is difficult. In the loudness of our mind, this is near impossible. 

What do I do to slow down? How do I unwrap the gifts in a busy world full of computers, texting, social media and people searching for connection?... 

i look into a child's eyes

i breathe in the whispers of angels

i look up into the face of God

i touch the face of my loved ones

i ask for help so I may care for myself  

i feel grace, gratitude and God in everything around me.... Even the paper that allows me to journal until I've unwrapped all the small gifts I've missed along my hurried way. <3



Love Notes from Sandi<3


Creating Art From The Heart

A thought=An idea=A Feeling=A Choice=    An Awakening vs A Waiting

Ideas are thoughts that evolve into inspirations which evolve our humanity into a soulful experience....or at least there is that potential. 

So how does this happen and are we capable of taking part in this process?

 HOW CAN THIS HAPPEN IN PUREST FORM......A thought is an idea that becomes an inspiration which fills your entire body with glorious vibrations and awakens powerful emotions residing deep within the hidden spaces in the darkness of our subconscious until HOPE shines it's light. So what is an idea? It's an inspiration that awakens HOPE!   Hope?......

That hope of...."What if?!?" 

What if I could....

What if I was....

What if I had....

How is does an idea become an inspiration? It's a thought you keep thinking. Instead if just dismissing it; draining it of all possibility until it moves onto another open mind.  what if you keep thinking this idea?...

An idea brought into light becomes inspiring as we keep thinking it....this inspiration has possibility of becoming a reality. Through action. What happens between the awakening of an inspiration and the action?

One of Two or fear

                                        LOVE     or    FEAR

If we feel love for ourselves, the idea becomes an inspiration and we create! It's that simple! Loving ourselves dissolves fear, doubt, and the inner critique.

If we feel fear, the idea moves away from our heart and floats around in the ethers. We still created the idea. We haven't dismissed it.  It's still in our a thought, a dream, a vision.... and sometimes we hear someone speaking about it (and maybe we dismiss it and it's moved on)....but sometimes we feel an excitement that it's possible and hope begins to grow again.....and what will become stronger???    

One of Two or fear         

                                    LOVE      or    FEAR    


Here's what I do when this tug-of-war happens inside of me. I journal! Yes, I begin to let the pen flow without thoughts leading the "proper" way of getting it down on paper. I flow with heart=guided energy. Sometimes it stops as soon as I begin. I feel this STUCK energy and I realize that I am not flowing with this particular idea, but I am trying to make an idea. Oh no! This is not an easy way to create with spirit! oh no! What to do?....simple WAIT & trust.

BUT, oh my...... When the pen flows, there is an unfolding of my soul that occurs and this involves my entire body, heart, mind and spirit. I feel as though I am not even moving or thinking the thoughts I am creating on the paper. I feel a heart=guided energy that moves like a river through my hands and heart. I have no intentions in mind or outcome envisioned. I don't even have a sense of whether or not the words will ever be seen by another soul.


I JUST paint with this same process

I JUST dance with this same process

I JUST play the flute with this same process

I am learning to LOVE with this same process