Empower, Awaken, Connect, Motivate, Healing      

Creating with Spirit Retreat 2017    Spring into Spring<3


Sat, April   22nd   11am - 6pm
Sun., April   23rd     12-4pm

At Healing Waters Retreat Center

234 Johnson Rd, Mexico NY(30min. north of Syr.)

SPECIAL GUESTS: Jennifer Mills and Sandra Sabene

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Jennifer Mills

Jennifer is an Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner, Reiki Master, Writer, Mother, and humble student of life’s beautiful transitions through story and sacred practice. Her absolute passion is to encourage and empower others to fully embrace their own health, joy, and unique vibrancy along the journey. For the past two decades, Jennifer has been blessed to facilitate workshops, nationally and abroad, within universities, businesses, and small groups. Her mission is dedicated to helping to build and fostercommunity connection, personal growth, and selfempowerment. Jennifer currently serves as the Communications Coordinator for Eden Energy Medicine Programs, based out of Ashland, Oregon. You are welcome to learn more about what motivates this soul at www.TheEnergyExperience.net         Blessings! 

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Sandra Sabene

Sandra Sabene is an award-winning energy artist, Reiki MT, Creative Coach, intuitive medium, and owner of Liverpool Art Center. Through art, music and the rhythm of the natural world there are endlessopportunities to explore our Sacred Selves. Some topics that frequently come up during these session are: emotional blocks, creative blocks, clarity for life direction, well being, relationships and creative pathways.  Learn more about services available through Sandra’s Arts & Healing Center:

  Artwork: www.ArtBySandra.com

Creating With Spirit Retreat. 
Spring is a time of deep cleansing & renewal. The Great Breath is taken once again as cold winter energies have lifted to invite the luminous warmth of spring to step forward with gusto! The Northern Hemisphere has been resting these past few months, with the Earth’s energies deep underground. Come springtime, these   energies begin to pop and fizz, ready to push forward to assert themselves. Our body’s energies are no different – sleepy winter energies lift through the spirit so that fresh spring energy can burst forth, ready for us to stretch into our full potential! The question remains then: what happens if we get stuck somewhere in the cycle?   Our special guest, Jennifer Mills, will bring her radiant wisdom to our little studio….         
We will work with specific energetic systems such as: the Aura, Chakras, Meridians, Five Rhythms/Elements, etc.   We’ll gradually flush out the stagnant energies , introduce gentle movement and hands-on Energy Medicine practices. These techniques are powerful and easy to learn! All participants will be encouraged to take these home to practice, thereby creating and building new energetic patterns. Are you ready to stretch into your full potential?  Some creative inspiration will certainly help to light the way. Sandra Sabene, an inspiring channel for “Creating with Spirit ” will be guiding us through a self-discovery practice sprinkled with insight and creativity. These tools for self expression are designed to engage all senses and help to unpack the baggage we carry….Experience the visual awakening through the art materials used to explore color, emotion, visual manifestations and so much more! Allow yourself to surrender to the possibility that NOW is the time to step into the power of our fullest potential. There is nothing to gain by waiting. We have planted the seeds within. Nurture yourself today!

Empower, Awaken, Connect, Motivate, Inspire, Create, Healing
Creating With Spirit - Spring 2017

Sat., April22nd   11am - 6pm  
Sun., April23rd     12-4pm    (two days)

@ Healing Waters Retreat Center    Cost:  $120

* Energy Medicine w/Jen Mills

* Guided Imagery & Visualizations, PLUS

*  Meditative Painting w/Sandra Sabene

Here’s What we will be doing:

We will begin by “Digging in and Turn over the old dirt”: Awareness techniques offered by guided meditations, prayer songs and creative visualizations. We are all on our paths and connected to eachother, but often feel a disconnect or feeling like we are not as far along as we would prefer. Digging in can remind us of our steps taken, rejuvenate abandoned ideas and fire up passions we may have lost along the way. Awaken and re-connect with Sandra’s inspiring guidance: music inspired drawing meditations, guided visual journeys that are intuitively shared, and journaling prompts to get unstuck.


New Surface: Laying the ground work for the body’s energies is akin to building a solid foundation for your home. We will use powerful Energy Medicine techniques for grounding, centering and focusing the mind/body/emotions. This comes in the form of breathwork, gentle movement and using our hands to connect specific energy points on the body.


Adding the elements: We are hard wired for Health, Joy, Vitality and Connection! We will dip into the ancient system of Five Elements/Rhythms through gentle movement and hands-on techniques to access those areas within our own energy footprints to invite our authentic connection to our Self!


Witnessing Growth: As we Step outside of our busy lives we allow ourselves time to be present with the growth that we have been manifesting and experiencing since the slumber of winter. NOW is the time to be present with our growth and bring a sense of gratitude to shine light to places we want to nourish. We will share and connect with partners during this time and then with the group so we can process and verbalize the growth we will consciously choose to bring to light and focus on as we move through the seasons.


Tending to our garden: Both Sandi and Jen will offer additional “energy tools” that we for self-care. As we continue to honor our growth and connections to the cycles of life, we can count on some challenging moments. When these arise we have a choice: How will we react in ways that generate growth and change for the highest good? The answer is within you and the key is to take impeccable care of yourself every day. These tools can offer some inspiration: guided meditations sound healing, tapping, energy medicine, healing mantras/chants, connections to the elements and more.

More details will be shared when you register.


Fire Ceremony & Healing Intensive & Sleep Over option

We are offering a healing intensive and sacred fire ceremony after the day is complete. Anyone is welcome to join us. We ask for a donation of $20 for anyone NOT signed up for this retreat, but …         


Fire will be started at dusk and ceremony begins shortly after. Bring a dish to pass if you plan to stay. (over night sleeping arrangements are available but limited….slumber party style!)

What to bring or have with you: jacket, bug repellent, flashlight, any special stones or items that you like with you for ceremony.      *SLEEP OVER IS ONLY AVAILABLE TO RETREAT PARTICIPANTS