Fall Retreat in Nature:

September 21st - 25th (Friday - Tues)

Spring Workshops:

Sunday, April 22nd

Sunday, April 29th

Creating with Spirit - Expressive Pathways for Self Discoveries: Empowering - Purposeful - Healing - Freeing

  • How would your life change if you woke up everyday feeling a sense of belonging and purpose?           Do you?
  • How would you feel if you were living everyday in the present moment; filled with gratitude? Do you?
  • How would you feel if every relationship in your life felt like a beautiful connection? Do you?

Most people would challenge these questions saying that NO ONE does! And I would agree wholeheartedly......

But we can navigate this life with more joy, more connected to the present and more engaged with the world we are choosing to live in. Feeling more engaged!

......SO how can we do this?    

Self-care practices. Creative expression. Loving ourselves.

  • Enjoy our retreats in spring and fall to immerse yourself into relaxing, inspiring, creative, practices
  • Meet women and peers who hope to grow and maybe even connect in new ways
  • Feel inspired!  Feel motivated! Feel re-ignited! and ready for change....inside and outside


Why I believe that everyone needs to express through creativity!

" When I began painting for myself, it wasn't because I was going to sell my canvases. I was stuck. I was lost in fear and I was hearing nothing except the "self critique". I opened the door and knocked down the wall that I built within my mind....I built a bridge to my heart so that I could FEEL the flow of creativity. What happened then was astounding and transformed my life on every level."      ~Sandra Fioramonti-Sabene
  • Creativity is our most valuable and accessible tool for growth, connection and empowerment.

  • We all crave connection and purpose in our lives. But we spend so much time and energy "defining" what that "should look like, feel like and how the outcome should be.....

  • We lose the gift in being creative.

  • We lose the magic in being present with ourselves through the most natural part of this incredible experience....the magic of feeling connected.


  •  Guided self expressive arts activities (as a group & individually)
  • Art Journaling- using nature, quotes and pictures to create a visual narrative of who we are
  • Learning tools for cultivating growth, change and connection within and in our lives
  • group discussions: Inspiring Power, Purpose & Peace

Guided meditations, nature walks, healthy meals, group discussions, creative expression, art journaling and more!


  • A journal, comfy clothes, meditation type stuff (blanket, pillow, mat etc.)


Meals, all supplies, guided/facilitated art & healing experiences, evening shenanigans & LOVE!

Plus a wonderful surprise addition: scroll to the bottom to read about it.


18 acres of wooded peace, large pond next to a 2 story retreat house with full kitchen, 2 full baths, and 3 rooms plus a main meeting room. It's cozy, small groups attend arts & healing intensives. (unmarked, stone driveway that is quite steep!...that's what makes this place so secluded & magical)

Why host retreats? Read below to understand the discoveries that have lead me to host and facilitate retreats like this for over 10 years!


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Sandra Sabene and Healing Waters Sanctuary

Sandra Sabene is an award-winning energy artist, Reiki MT, Creative Coach, intuitive medium, and owner of Liverpool Art Center. Through art, music and the rhythm of the natural world there are endless opportunities to explore our Sacred Selves. Some topics that frequently come up during these session are: emotional blocks, creative blocks, clarity for life direction, well being, relationships and creative pathways.  Learn more about services available through Sandra’s Arts & Healing Center: