CREATING WITH SPIRIT  ~ A Creative Pathway to Your Sacred Self- The full course    FALL 2016Mondays Sept 26th - November 14th


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The full course includes supplies, guidance and pamphlets!  All for only $150/pp(around $20/per session!)
A Note from Sandra Healing Waters. Sabene.....I highly recommend taking all 7 weeks, but if you are only able to commit to one or two classes, please consider the Meditative painting classes
For part of the course, only these two dates can be taken:
Sept 26th 6:30-9pmand October 3rd6:30-9pm.   $45 per class unless you take the whole course.


Part one: Meditative Painting Workshops       A Creative Pathway to Your Sacred Self

Mon, Sept. 26th 6:30-9pm&  Mon, Oct. 3rd 6:30-9pm   

The art of being still, letting go of outcome and raising your level of self awareness. ….Sandra has offered this experience in many ways over the past decade or two, but now she’s taken this to a whole new level. For any person seeking heightened levels of awareness and connection to Spirit, intuition and Creator….these tools may offer you some insight. These are self awareness tools that awaken us to our challenges and gratitudes. This allows for growth, healing, abundance and so much more of what we strive for as humans being.

This 2 part series of the CWS workshop will include guided meditations, inspiring music, painting, drawing and movement.

These two class can be taken without signing up for the whole course.  $45/per class   register by Sept. 15th



Part two: Your Intuition & The Natural World        

An Energetic Exploration to Your Sacred Self

Mon, Oct. 10th 6:30-9pm&  Mon, Oct. 17th 6:30-9pm   

There are so many gifts shared in nature that inspire us to enjoy this experience we call life…  Learn about Spirit Animals and explore your connection to guides & the natural world through guided meditation and sound journey experiences.  How can the Breath connect you to your sacred self? Let’s find out!  Strength your senses of well being, inner strength andempowerment that we were born with.

This 2 part series of this workshop will include guided journeys, journaling and sound healing with quartz crystal bowls and our mother earth healing drums.


Part three:  Moving Thru Blocks - Workshops A Physical Release to Ignite Your Sacred Self

Mon, Oct. 24th 6:30-9pm(Break for Halloween 10/31)  resume: Mon. Nov. 7th 6:30-9pm

This workshop is a challenge for most. Our bodies are our temples! Oh what we do with them is astounding! And yet, they keep giving us the life force to continue the life we choose. HOW CAN WE DO THIS DIFFERENTLY! How can we make changes in our physical experience to create a stronger connection? Change our awareness of how we create through thought, thru vibration, through simply being? Our physical bodies carry what we attract. SO how can we change that to change what we attract into our lives?

AWARENSS IS THE BEGINNING.      Now that we have explored and experienced the art of letting go and a deeper connection to the world around us, let’s play with the idea of listening to our bodies! Listening to our emotions, reactions, and physical symptoms can spark change almost immediately for some! So let’s play with that and connect with our CWS family to see ourselves in the Light

In this  2 part series of CWS workshop, we will explore and share experiences with: Energy Medicine, Louise Hay’s “You Can Healing Your Life”, mantras, Law of Attraction and some sound empowerment (some of which we may be using in other parts too).  


FINAL SESSION:  Creating with Spirit - A continued pathway to CREATING Your Sacred Self

Mon, Nov. 14th 6:30-9pm        Bringing it all together and creating ways to incorporate these experiences and self discovery tools into your daily life. Most who take these spiritually inspiring courses and read the beautifully written books will attest to struggling with the same question, how do I continue this in my everyday life? People will think I am whacko! But There are many ways we can feel at ease through the transition. We will share with each other and Sandra will offer examples, words of wisdom and experiences that may help. And then! Of course! We will do something creative to mark this momentous occasion!!