Serenity Studios

 Offering safe space for self-discoveries

Imagine a space where you feel accepted from the moment you step through the door. No matter what stresses, flaws or fears come with you, there is a moment of relief that allows you to let go and slowly sink into a comfortable place of relaxation, peace and acceptance. There is no expectation; there are no rules and no pressure to produce;  only a sense of being in the right place at the right time.  


Welcome to Liverpool Art Center’s Serenity Studios

  1.  Meditative programs for beginners

  2.  Basic tools for relaxation & self-discovery

  3.  Expressive art-as-therapy programs for non-creatives AND creatives

  4.  Courses for blending creative tools and gentle body awareness

  5.  Monthly, weekly, annual programs, retreats for one, two and three days or full week intensives for all levels

  6.  For teens or adults, individuals or groups and events or small gatherings

  7.  Programs for professionals and non-professionals in the mental health profession

  8.  Recovery based programs for persons in recovery and advocates


“When nothing seems to offer a sense of safety, relief or authentic change, there’s a place to go and explore what feels fresh and real. There is no “one” answer, there is no single avenue for healing and growth.      When we surrender to the need for change, the journey begins within.”                                                                    SandiBene<3

                        "When I create with Spirit, there are no boundaries, no rules; just a sense of timelessness. Through the creative process my heart opens like nothing I have ever experienced. I feel emotion, energy and all of my senses are profoundly awakened. This sacred space is where I retreat to when I seek inspiration, healing and growth; when I am searching for answers and praying for change that seems unattainable. I've been asked by many how to get to this place and I love to share the experiences that have helped countless people over the years. This is my life's purpose."  

Serenity Studios Programs

Creative tools for self-care, self discovery and cultivating a daily practice. Programs rage from very beginner to intensive with a wide range of goals & events.

Who: Teens and adults seeking a deeper sense of healing, self-empowerment and connection.

What: Learn expressive arts activities through guided practitioners of art and drumming.

When: We are in search of a sense of direction and/or purpose in our choices or we simply need to unplug, relax and be playful to feel more connected.

Why:  Exploring the creative side of ourselves offers opportunities to safely explore fears, resistance and possibilities. When we explore within the creative flow, our intuition awakens and speaks to us through color, texture, images and sensations. This process directly reflects what is preventing us from moving toward happiness, joy and peace. This IS our natural state of being. When we experience this process, we become present again.

This process can:

  • Inspire self-discoveries

  • Create connection/ communication within a group

  • Enhance cognitive therapy or support group fellowship

  • Offer fresh perspective

  • Reflect resistance that holds stagnation

  • Connect to a sense of a higher power

  • Heal old wounds(emotional)

  • Ignite passion and ideas for living more creatively


What opportunities can be explored and what are the differences between these programs:

Beginners who are cautiously curious can benefit from:

  • Meditative Painting (see description below)

  • Dance and Doodle(see description below)

  • Zen mangle(see description below)


Dance n Doodle~   A Swirl of Color and Connection


Enjoy a fun and enlivening creative experience with music, movement,  color and connection. During this 30-60 minute class, we learn how music can guide our creativity and willingness to become more open when we are nervous or when trying something new. The paper and pastels offer a simple way to express our imagination. The music offers rhythm and comfort to help us move through relaxing, playful and reflective experiences.

Sandra will begin by offering a brief intro explaining the connection between the music, our imagination and what we could experience if we let go and have a little fun with our fellow creatives. After 15-20 minutes, a very short guided meditation helps us all to relax and bring our minds into the space. And when the music begins, the inspiration flows, Sandra guides the group in various ways to direct both solo creations and co-creations. The experience is the focus, not the outcome.

This has inspired people in many ways:

  • Letting go of outcome

  • Being present

  • Relaxing

  • Reducing stress and anxiety

  • Connecting with others

  • Being more playful in the creative arena

  • Finding safe places to create without judgement or expectation

  • Creating without producing

  • Experiencing a form of active meditation


Who has benefited most from this experience?

Those who: have trouble relaxing, connecting with others, trying creative outlets, letting go of expectation and outcome, perfectionists, left brain thinkers, and those who find meditation challenging.


ZEN Mangle~  Guided journeys for getting inspired  

For anyone who considers themselves  a non-creative person and anyone who has difficulty with silent/still meditation practices.

Creating without expecting an outcome is a liberating experience and often seems impossible to imagine. This workshop is excellent for engaging the imagination! The idea of letting go begins immediately and we give ourselves permission to simply enjoy the process.

Sandra offers a very interesting demonstration and explanation about how we can let go of “trying” to create something and the benefits of this in our lives. There’s not only creative opportunities revealed, but also personal discoveries that often happen along the way with very little effort.  After we understand a bit about why we are mangling this art material, Sandra offers  an inspiring story and her personal experience with “Zen Mangle” and how this technique awakened her ability to teach others how to tap into the creative flow. Discover why we want to be in the creative flow and how our lives can be filled with positivity and re-aligned in an instance.

When it’s time to mangle, Sandra will offer all the tools you need to begin. We start slow and mindful with no pressure to share, expand or go beyond the comfort zone. We simple listen to music, follow some guided activities and allow the mind to wander. Our monkey minds are an asset with this meditation. Playful moving to music, words and creative patterns.

There are opportunities for:

  • The body to relax

  • The imagination to play

  • Laughter

  • Connection to others

  • Reflect on possibility


Who benefits most from this experience?

People who may feel disconnected from themselves and/or others, challenged with mild depression and anxiety, and searching for something new and different. Especially people who consider themselves as non-creative and “who can’t even draw a stick figure” or “it’s my sibling that got all the talent”. The left brain thinkers who rarely make time to play or tap in.