Creating joy series

Connection and Creativity are two ways we can experience joy and authenticity in our lives. These 3 programs offer endless possibilities to explore, experience and express through art mediums and writing. There is no skill required at all....not even an interest in the arts!

We gather for one purpose: self-discovery.  Who wouldn't benefit from digging in and getting to know the true self just a little deeper? Awareness is the first step in healing. Join a creative community!

*The series is part of "Creating With Spirit"  facilitated by Sandra Sabene

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Brene' Brown                  RISING Strong

 We meet Monday nights Sept. 25th- Oct. 23rd 6:30-8:30pm

5 Weeks of Inspiration...

Telling our stories can be an incredibly challenging mountain to climb especially when we can’t imagine where to begin. How can we dig in and write down or even speak our stories when it’s the very thing we spend our energy trying to avoid? Why would we even want to unbury the dark moments, the mistakes we can’t think about without self judgement and criticism?

Rising Strong by Brene’ Brown outlines why and how. It takes courage to rising after we fall
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Mon. Sept. 18th 6:30-8:30pm
Mon. Nov. 6th 6:30-8:30pm
Sun., Nov. 19th 11:30am-1pm

This is 90 minutes of joy, creativity and connection.
COST: $25/pp

A crafty way to connect, create and meditate with your dreams and inspirations. 
Enjoy a relaxing studio full of inspiring media, soothing music, supportive energy and guided by artist, intuitive medium, Sandra Sabene.  The intention is yours to set, the pace is yours to set and the space is yours to heal.    JOIN A CREATIVE COMMUNITY!!                                                                                        Includes: stamping, painting, drawing, mixed media, color play, musical inspirations, intuitively guided activities and much more!!
You bring a journal and most all supplies are available for use.   Journals should contain heavier weight paper
Kits sold onsite for continued creativity at your leisure. 


Sunday, September 24th$35/pp


The focus for the workshop is always the same...."LET GO OF OUTCOME AND JUST FEEL, BE, BREATHE!"

Inspire literally means “In spirit”!  So to be inspired we are literally infusing ourselves with “spirit” however we personally define “spirit”. This is a feeling of surrender and releasing old beliefs; clearing the way for the new.
Let’s get In -Spired! Ignite the light within ourselves …..  Awaken our 6th sense through the creative fire.
Through many creative tools we can face fears and heal old wounds. Being creative is vulnerable for most individuals, so we use this arena to create a safe space for self discovery. Guided imagery, artistic mediums and rhythmic music collaborate to align our mind, body and thoughts. When we are open to all possibilities, magical things happen, transformative moments reconnect us to ourselves and others. Sometimes we simply discover our present and begin from where we are. Awareness is the first step towards healing, change, growth and transformation.