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Brene Brown's Gifts of Imperfection


We meet Mondays 6:30-8:30pm

January 15th - February 12th

5 Weeks of Inspiration...

Join a Creative Community and you just might:

  • Ignite Inspiration in your life
  • Rekindle passion & Create new pathways with fresh perspective
  • Meet like-minded people in a supportive & loving studio
  • Create a visual journal that will offer insight, playfulness & new ideas
  • This and so much more awaits you...

Figure Drawing Workshop Mondays 6:30-8:30pm


Iver Johnson will help you on your quest for drawing the human form.  If you are just starting out in figure drawing, or need a tune up, or are looking for some extra inspiration he can be your guide in this 4 week workshop at Liverpool Art Center


Enjoy an evening

with Sat Purkh & Abhai Rai

February 11th 7-9pm @ Liverpool Art Center

Kirtan – Chanting is Spiritual Practice

Chanting is Spiritual Practice – the medicine for the Aquarian Age. Every yoga tradition describes chanting the Name of God as the essential practice for the Aquarian Age. Join us for an interfaith circle of chanting and meditation. Chanting makes people happy; and happy people make the world a better place. Join us and change the world!


Retreat into nature for Arts & Healing Programs with LAC. Just 30 minutes north of Syracuse. Peaceful, secluded land offering healing water, peace and community space.          Information Page

Our fundraiser will be posted soon so we can build a community building for gatherings, sleeping space and events. Please check back or get on our email list.

Serenity Studios @ LAC

NEW EVENTS 2017:  Art-as-Therapy Meditations Reiki Classes Yoga & Art

Reiki Workshops   2018  

Traditional Usui Reiki Practice with Coaching for the Reiki Way of Life

REIKI Level I Class  - Jan 27 - 28  11am-2pm

REIKI Level II Class - April 28 -29   



**Students will need to register, study the PDF workbook prior to the class and provide proof of Reiki Level I certification if not completed with our center. The week prior to and follow the class will require self-care practices such as: eating well, resting/meditation and journaling.


1-2 day workshops offering healing, hands-on instruction and practice for energy healing, intuitive skill building and self-care as a light-worker. The class includes all supplies, workbook, journal, healing sessions, and charts for furthering your practice.
For more details contact Sandra: (315)234-9333       

Rhythmic Painting: Haudenosaunee Social Dancing TBA

This class will allow you to create art by listening to music, and to intuitively interpret the music with color and movement on canvas. We will be creating art through movement of our bodies, including dancing on our canvases.   "I am very excited to share what I love to do and share how I create my art."

Aweñheeyoh Powless

Earth Drum Workshop                              

 Frame Drum Design & Prayer Song Sharing


Blend rhythm & creativity as we discover and incorporate your colors, spirit animal and healing symbols on this easy to use, durable frame drum from Remo. Sandra Sabene will guide you through every step of design and creation. After these beautiful drums are created, we will pray-fully join in circle to bless them and offer prayer-song. Learn about drum bathing, healing and shamanic rhythms.

This workshop includes all supplies, drum, beater and guidance for creating your sacred prayer drum. (no artistic skill required!)

Women's Gathering    TBA

Monthly Drum Circle  Enjoy creative ways to experience rhythm. Est. 2005 family friendly   facilitated drum program/Beginners welcome<3


This event has been postponed

Click here to join just the online FB forum OR the book club that meets monthly at LAC (Sunday evenings)

SANDRA'S FALL CLASSES:  Learn Basic Drawing, Color Theory, Advanced Drawing, Understanding Color and more...    Sandra has designed these classes according to requests from students who are struggling in certain areas of painting and drawing. These classes are designed for you. Look through the descriptions listed on the page (click button) and register with Sandra. (no online registration)   

Call (315)234-9333OR Email:


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 &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Join this amazing group: Leap and the net will appear!

           Join this amazing group: Leap and the net will appear!

The Artists Way Book Club

Enrollment closed

  Not just for artists.....Join a creative community and discover your creative self!  Julia Cameron offers guiding activities and questions to get us jump started. As a group, we add inspirations from artistic and spiritual leaders of today. This is a Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity.

 Brene' Brown's e-course book club joining together to inspire, express, share &amp; support

Brene' Brown's e-course book club joining together to inspire, express, share & support

Living Bravely Group

Enrollment closed       Brene' inspired us with the "Gifts of Imperfection e-Course" and now we gather again to offer safe space to express, inspire and support as we follow Brene's  lead.  Click here for details and more info:

$60 for duration (12 sessions total)

Creating with Spirit, Sandra's course inspiring connection,

healing and growth through creative experiences, classes, workshops & retreats

schedule a workshop at your event or business!