Beginner Drawing Class


Are you new to drawing? 

A little nervous about where to begin?

Watch this 7 minute video about supplies, how to start AND how to relax while you begin moving the pencil.                                          

Here's what you'll learn with this free video:

  • Which pencils to use

  • What paper to use

  • Simple ways to start learning

  • How to shade and use the pencils

Enjoy some time with Sandra Sabene, Artist, Art Instructor, Healer & Intuitive.....Guided and Relaxing approaches for basic drawing with graphite (lead pencils). Yes, there are many ways to approach the first steps in drawing. I like to use my favorites (techniques, supplies & music), but I believe that there is NO wrong way to start....JUST START!

Looking for some time with an art instructor?

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Live and in person!

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BONUS: Once a week Sandra will be offering an open studio online. All you do is tune in live on Facebook and watch, ask questions, send you art for Sandra to look at and enjoy your virtual drawing class from home!