Beginner Drawing Class

Are you new to drawing?  A little nervous about where to begin? Watch this 7min. video about supplies, how to start AND how to relax while you begin moving the pencil.                                          

Here's what you'll learn with this free video:

  • Which pencils to use

  • What paper to use

  • Simple ways to start learning

  • How to shade and use the pencils

Enjoy some time with Sandra Sabene, Artist, Art Instructor, Healer & Intuitive.....Guided and Relaxing approaches for basic drawing with graphite (lead pencils). Yes, there are many ways to approach the first steps in drawing. I like to use my favorites (techniques, supplies & music), but I believe that there is NO wrong way to start....JUST START!

Are you past the "beginner stage" and searching for more?...Here's an affordable way to study from home OR in the Classroom...

Sandra's Virtual Drawing classroom

tool for drawing.jpg

Live and Recorded Drawing Lessons scheduled at convenient times to offer flexible scheduling. The recordings will be available to you with monthly membership along with guidance from Sandra, PDF guide sheets and connection to your class mates!


WHEN: Mondays (evenings/mornings)

HOW: Join our email list and we will send you a link

WHO: Anyone looking for guidance in drawing fundamentals

How does this work?

You download the free ZOOM app onto your device and you will receive email invitations to join the classes. When you click the link, the app opens and you are in the virtual classroom! We interact the same way we do in the studio. All questions are welcome!

After the virtual class ends, we edit and post the videos where you can access them anytime!

BONUS: Sandra offers relaxing guided meditations and we will include these free as a thank you for signing up for the virtual classroom.