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Can ART make us happier? 

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Art can make us happier???

(Please note that the art experience in this video is facilitated by a board certified Art Therapist)

self expression is the key!  to what?...

  • Sometimes we have something to express and we feel stuck without "a way to get it out."

  • Sometimes it's simply being present while our monkey minds rarely let that happen.

  • Sometimes we feel comforted when we enter into a space that gives us permission to just "be"

  • Sometimes we need to challenge our left brain to allow "freedom of expression" which allows us to get into the "creative flow"

  • Often we benefit from playing, being child-like and realizing how seldom we allow that in our lives.

  • We can explore how we feel without words.

  • Our intuition naturally engages when we feel sensations and art can offer volumes of unexpected sensations: color, textures, groundedness, vibration, movement and more!

  • Color and music inspire shift in our mind, body and emotions which can clear the way for self-discoveries and deeper connections to ourselves and the world around us.


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