Redefine "Creativity"


There's only ONE thing that will create REAL change! One thing only!....Creativity!

No matter what we are doing, saying,'s our ideas that generate change.

If we are looking to create change in our lives, our families and our communities...

Then we need to cultivate creative ideas!

If we support the unique approaches, then WE ALL Benefit...

If we do the same

....( Fill in the blank).....


How boring does THAT sound!?!?

What can we all do?....

* Support creative ideas

* Encourage our youth to create

* Cultivate creativity


It's NOT about painting a picture! 

It's NOT just for artists!!

Please! Look deeper?!?....

As a teaching artist for the past 16 years, I have been blessed to share moments with amazingly courageous people who have pushed through fear to explore what they want!!.....More than anything! express and explore creativity.

How do YOU live creatively!


......These pics are from years of connecting with so many people over the years.

I feel so overwhelmed with know, with all my heart....that I played some small part in the inspiration that was shared....with a community, with a class and simply with a person struggling to let go of perfection. This is paralyzing for so many people. And it's NOT about the's stress and anxiety. It's so reflective of how people are struggling to cope with daily tasks through the adversity in our world. 

Is everyone struggling? Of course not! but many are and I believe we are ALL in this together. 

our studio restroom has inspiring quotes galore! 

our studio restroom has inspiring quotes galore! 

I am passionate about creating safe space for people to learn, connect, support and explore whatever they want to express!  




There is NOTHING more powerful than a soul on fire....and creativity is the threshold that we cross to get there.

How do I know this?

Because i am afraid everyday

Because i push through

Because when i feel the fear and do it anyway?....miracles happen!

Not only in MY life!?!?...but in the lives of people around me! It's a gift to express how we feel and what we think.

It's a gift that we all have!



What are you creating today?

What are the expressions coming from the words you're speaking?...or not speaking?

How do you get fired up?...

How do you get inspired??....

How do you ignite your passion?....

And MORE Importantly!!....

How do you put that out into your world????....

Guess what????.....


get to



That's the real gift! ...

And we all

Have it






if we encourage expression, change is inevitable 

All expressive arts offer ways to have fun and feel joy in arenas that invite us to step out of our comfort zone. Drum! Paint! Draw! Move! Speak! 

All expressive arts offer ways to have fun and feel joy in arenas that invite us to step out of our comfort zone. Drum! Paint! Draw! Move! Speak! 


Be together!! Inspire joy! Whenever possible! We never know when the people around is will move on...enjoy the small miracles in sharing laughter.


There is nothing more important than sharing time with people. It's truly the only thing we have to give. And it's free!!! Be present. Listen with heart  


Spend 3 inspiring hours in our newer studio and ignite your creativity! Inspire more passion! Cultivate connections!  

April 22nd or April 29th 5-8pm

click the link below for more details...