Every Stroke Matters


Here’s a thought that seems completely opposite of what I teach in the studio. There is always a sense of “just enjoy the process” and “let go of the outcome” in any program that I facilitate. 

So why would these words help reflect my message?  

“Every stroke matters”... 

It’s a mindfulness practice.

There is an art in self expression and the gift in being present in this process is self awareness. Truly knowing who we are and what we are experiencing...right now....THATS the foundation we stand on when we create. 


im not talking about making pictures. I’m talking about how we create our lives, our relationships and our communities.  

Our thoughts matter. Every stroke matters.

When we spend time and energy in search of purpose and passion within.....what’s already inside...we begin to SEE THAT in others around us.  we begin to SEE the world around us with new eyes!...We experience what others are creating and begin connecting in new ways! 

Art is an invitation to be seen

Creativity is a tool for self discovery

When we let go of the outcome

When we simply become aware of what we are in this moment....

we notice the color  

we notice the impact that our choices have

we notice the power in a single stroke of what we are putting into this world....


So why does “every stroke matter”? 

It’s simple.....

Slow down

move color




see it