Everyday Creativity

Creativity is the one common attribute that we all have. And we take for granted that it's the most accessible tool for change, connection and cultivating self awareness. 

"Please know and trust that we are all artists, so dance and sing, play music, create art and story and share it with your communities.”

It is through our inspirations that we find hope when darkness creeps in and how we connect when we forget that our existence is a gift to be shared.

Art is not just a product to be created or a message we want to share with the world!.....we can experience, express and explore all of who we are when we stand up to face the emptiness that's waiting to be created...the "us" that we are becoming. And the true magic lives in the unfolding moments...the present.

THAT'S the gift!

Its not the talent or the skill...that's the result of practice and/or our lineage....

The gift is in the unfolding moments, the connections and in the creative communities....it's in the sharing of ideas for change, and in the search for healing and knowing that there's room for growth in the lessons we are facing...right now.

The canvas?...the paper?....the stage?....that's just the arena.

The rest is up to us.

To let go if the outcome means to release our personal opinions and view points and.....

Be of service!

  • Who is waiting for your wisdom....
  • What message lives inside of you
  • How are you being pulled to speak up
  • Where will your visions come alive
  • When will you let go and open to the possibilities

Being ready doesn't mean we have the answers


Being ready feels like a battle is either over or about to begin!

Being ready to create is like having all your vulnerability sitting where your heart is and surrendering all that you know in your mind...to something greater than you

Inspiration...means to be IN Spirit❤️

Creating with Spirit