Creating with Spirit is the art of letting go..

For years I have tapped into this intuitive side of myself before I pick up a brush and the result has been pure magic. I started this when I was terrified that I had lost my ability to create. I was blocked and there was nothing but junk coming out. I was in the business and teaching, so the fear paralyzed me. I had no tools or teachers to turn to. So I just painted......


"Creating with Spirit" was born in that very dark period.

Since then, I have created (with Spirit) a number of workshops, events and art exhibits to demonstrated this magical way of letting go and being present.

I thought I'd share this video that I made of a lecture. I was opening a new exhibit featuring over 30 new paintings I had created and I wanted to share my process with my students and friends.

There is a demonstration about half way through if you'd like to skip the boring part. enjoy!