Books and Art Journaling are my loves<3

I LOVE to create stuff and I LOVE to journal. I have done both since I was very young. I even played "school teacher" before I was even IN school. So it's no doubt that all these loves came together!

Inspired by artists and authors like: Julia Cameron (The Artist's Way and many more inspiring books) and Brene' Brown (Gifts of Imperfection and I Thought It Was Me)...

These books along with over a thousand in my collection are a gathering of ideas, prompts and some of my dearest friends. My books have traveled with me over the years and my journals have witnessed every second of creativity, loss and joy.


Art Journaling is a place where it all comes together. And it's just for me (except when I teach it.) The mixed media, the collage of other inspirations allows me to capture not only my own images and ideas....but it helps me track where it came from! Through books, meditation, inspirational cards and so many more sacred connections....I am an artist.

The art journaling process allows all mediums, applications and expressive approaches to unfold and I can go back through and reflect. MOST PEOPLE DON'T!!

But here is what I have discovered in art journal making

  • It's not for sale, so it's all about ME!
  • It's a private place for private creative conversations
  • I can share if I want to
  • I get my visions on paper!!
  • The techniques don't care if you get them right!!
  • I feel free to explore
  • The paper gets wrinkled and that's OK!
  • My life is now mapped out for whoever finds these relics