Love is magical when we share our heart light✨✨✨


Monday night was inspiring in 1000 creative ways.....and so was speaking on Saturday at TEDx.....

I alwaYs try to be open to learning something new about myself when I present, teach or even a simple conversation.

And I learned ALOT over the past weekend!



I  unexpectedly learned more about myself and the people that I love so much, and the community that has found inspiration within the vision,.... the place that began when I was in elementary school....and yes.... I knew I would be doing exactly what I am doing right now.

I just had to learn how to let go of a lot......

I let go of trying to be someone others needed me to be


I let go of making art that impressed others

I learned what REAL connection feels like

I learned that when we love someone...that never goes simply transforms into what we all need

I learned that how people see me should never impact how I actually AM

I learned that what I may take for granted...can be the idea or experience that helps someone else move toward their light

I learned that I AM LOVE

But I knew all this already....

It just took 2 events, 100+ interactions with countless people who showed me what I look like through their eyes....LOVE


I am perfectly imperfect

I am worthy

I am learning to ask for what I need

I am speaking my truth

I am trying my best

Enjoy some pics from an inspiring weekend with my “art family”


Roji’s Tea Lounge exhibit and live painting  event was standing room only all night!! 40 or more lovely souls  from my “art family” came and shared a great space...they made us cookies and tea. 

Laura Stisser is my fellow artist in the exhibit! She does amazing pours on canvas which I wanted in the show with the Art of Letting Go!! Yeah! That works👍😘 isn’t she beautiful!?😊

Laura Stisser is my fellow artist in the exhibit! She does amazing pours on canvas which I wanted in the show with the Art of Letting Go!! Yeah! That works👍😘 isn’t she beautiful!?😊


A great article by Karen Tashkovski


My life long best friend came, and my mom!  cousins and their son Ryan!! sissie and my son Jon!! Erica and Mom!!!..and there is the “little” canvas that  I painting live on stage! 😳 yep...4’x5’ canvas in 7min. Had a blast every second 👍


Every Stroke Matters


Here’s a thought that seems completely opposite of what I teach in the studio. There is always a sense of “just enjoy the process” and “let go of the outcome” in any program that I facilitate. 

So why would these words help reflect my message?  

“Every stroke matters”... 

It’s a mindfulness practice.

There is an art in self expression and the gift in being present in this process is self awareness. Truly knowing who we are and what we are experiencing...right now....THATS the foundation we stand on when we create. 


im not talking about making pictures. I’m talking about how we create our lives, our relationships and our communities.  

Our thoughts matter. Every stroke matters.

When we spend time and energy in search of purpose and passion within.....what’s already inside...we begin to SEE THAT in others around us.  we begin to SEE the world around us with new eyes!...We experience what others are creating and begin connecting in new ways! 

Art is an invitation to be seen

Creativity is a tool for self discovery

When we let go of the outcome

When we simply become aware of what we are in this moment....

we notice the color  

we notice the impact that our choices have

we notice the power in a single stroke of what we are putting into this world....


So why does “every stroke matter”? 

It’s simple.....

Slow down

move color




see it




What are we creating?....

"What you focus on expands, and when you focus in goodness in your life, you create more of it." Oprah❤️

How can we create more of what we envision? It really is this simple.


The one and only challenge?......

Creating this as a  daily practice of focusing on the goodness.

Shadow and light maintain the balance in this crazy world and we find strength within by challenging ourselves....

To be better than we were yesterday

To be more of what we envision for tomorrow

And to be

Just BE

In the moment

In gratitude

In Love



 #art #Oprah  #hope


Redefine "Creativity"


There's only ONE thing that will create REAL change! One thing only!....Creativity!

No matter what we are doing, saying,'s our ideas that generate change.

If we are looking to create change in our lives, our families and our communities...

Then we need to cultivate creative ideas!

If we support the unique approaches, then WE ALL Benefit...

If we do the same

....( Fill in the blank).....


How boring does THAT sound!?!?

What can we all do?....

* Support creative ideas

* Encourage our youth to create

* Cultivate creativity


It's NOT about painting a picture! 

It's NOT just for artists!!

Please! Look deeper?!?....

As a teaching artist for the past 16 years, I have been blessed to share moments with amazingly courageous people who have pushed through fear to explore what they want!!.....More than anything! express and explore creativity.

How do YOU live creatively!


......These pics are from years of connecting with so many people over the years.

I feel so overwhelmed with know, with all my heart....that I played some small part in the inspiration that was shared....with a community, with a class and simply with a person struggling to let go of perfection. This is paralyzing for so many people. And it's NOT about the's stress and anxiety. It's so reflective of how people are struggling to cope with daily tasks through the adversity in our world. 

Is everyone struggling? Of course not! but many are and I believe we are ALL in this together. 

our studio restroom has inspiring quotes galore! 

our studio restroom has inspiring quotes galore! 

I am passionate about creating safe space for people to learn, connect, support and explore whatever they want to express!  




There is NOTHING more powerful than a soul on fire....and creativity is the threshold that we cross to get there.

How do I know this?

Because i am afraid everyday

Because i push through

Because when i feel the fear and do it anyway?....miracles happen!

Not only in MY life!?!?...but in the lives of people around me! It's a gift to express how we feel and what we think.

It's a gift that we all have!



What are you creating today?

What are the expressions coming from the words you're speaking?...or not speaking?

How do you get fired up?...

How do you get inspired??....

How do you ignite your passion?....

And MORE Importantly!!....

How do you put that out into your world????....

Guess what????.....


get to



That's the real gift! ...

And we all

Have it






if we encourage expression, change is inevitable 

All expressive arts offer ways to have fun and feel joy in arenas that invite us to step out of our comfort zone. Drum! Paint! Draw! Move! Speak! 

All expressive arts offer ways to have fun and feel joy in arenas that invite us to step out of our comfort zone. Drum! Paint! Draw! Move! Speak! 


Be together!! Inspire joy! Whenever possible! We never know when the people around is will move on...enjoy the small miracles in sharing laughter.


There is nothing more important than sharing time with people. It's truly the only thing we have to give. And it's free!!! Be present. Listen with heart  


Spend 3 inspiring hours in our newer studio and ignite your creativity! Inspire more passion! Cultivate connections!  

April 22nd or April 29th 5-8pm

click the link below for more details...

Everyday Creativity

Creativity is the one common attribute that we all have. And we take for granted that it's the most accessible tool for change, connection and cultivating self awareness. 

"Please know and trust that we are all artists, so dance and sing, play music, create art and story and share it with your communities.”

It is through our inspirations that we find hope when darkness creeps in and how we connect when we forget that our existence is a gift to be shared.

Art is not just a product to be created or a message we want to share with the world!.....we can experience, express and explore all of who we are when we stand up to face the emptiness that's waiting to be created...the "us" that we are becoming. And the true magic lives in the unfolding moments...the present.

THAT'S the gift!

Its not the talent or the skill...that's the result of practice and/or our lineage....

The gift is in the unfolding moments, the connections and in the creative's in the sharing of ideas for change, and in the search for healing and knowing that there's room for growth in the lessons we are facing...right now.

The canvas?...the paper?....the stage?....that's just the arena.

The rest is up to us.

To let go if the outcome means to release our personal opinions and view points and.....

Be of service!

  • Who is waiting for your wisdom....
  • What message lives inside of you
  • How are you being pulled to speak up
  • Where will your visions come alive
  • When will you let go and open to the possibilities

Being ready doesn't mean we have the answers


Being ready feels like a battle is either over or about to begin!

Being ready to create is like having all your vulnerability sitting where your heart is and surrendering all that you know in your something greater than you

Inspiration...means to be IN Spirit❤️

Creating with Spirit

Books and Art Journaling are my loves<3

I LOVE to create stuff and I LOVE to journal. I have done both since I was very young. I even played "school teacher" before I was even IN school. So it's no doubt that all these loves came together!

Inspired by artists and authors like: Julia Cameron (The Artist's Way and many more inspiring books) and Brene' Brown (Gifts of Imperfection and I Thought It Was Me)...

These books along with over a thousand in my collection are a gathering of ideas, prompts and some of my dearest friends. My books have traveled with me over the years and my journals have witnessed every second of creativity, loss and joy.


Art Journaling is a place where it all comes together. And it's just for me (except when I teach it.) The mixed media, the collage of other inspirations allows me to capture not only my own images and ideas....but it helps me track where it came from! Through books, meditation, inspirational cards and so many more sacred connections....I am an artist.

The art journaling process allows all mediums, applications and expressive approaches to unfold and I can go back through and reflect. MOST PEOPLE DON'T!!

But here is what I have discovered in art journal making

  • It's not for sale, so it's all about ME!
  • It's a private place for private creative conversations
  • I can share if I want to
  • I get my visions on paper!!
  • The techniques don't care if you get them right!!
  • I feel free to explore
  • The paper gets wrinkled and that's OK!
  • My life is now mapped out for whoever finds these relics


Welcome to Creating with Spirit!! (not just art)

Hello and welcome!


You found your way to a place where I share my ideas and philosophies! It's an interesting place, for sure. But if you want to get the inside scoop about how I run this art center, the classes and the many, many programs that I teach?....take a peek at this short intro and then explore the rest of the blog posts.   ~ENJOY!

The Art Center: Liverpool Art Center has 2 studios and a healing space all under one roof located in a quaint little lakeside village full of eateries, shops and supportive communities.


LAC exterior pic.jpg
  • The main studio offers ongoing classes and events
  • The second studio offers expressive arts for a more healing approach
  • The healing space offers meditation, workshops and Reiki sessions & trainings
  • The back studio is my private workspace which is usually messy and hustling with creativity






The Retreat Center:  Healing Waters Sanctuary is 18 acres of wooded land, creeks, and a spring fed pond about an acre large with a retreat house that's pond side.



  • The Retreat House is a camp-style home with full kitchen, 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, main room
  • The Pond is used for fishing, meditation, walking, painting...
  • The trails and trail stops are used for group and individual experiences
  • This property is privately owned by us for the sole purpose of offering our programs, retreats and workshops in nature.
annual arts programs for events and trainings





Programs that can be offered anywhere, anytime, with anyone....


  • Creating with Spirit: meditative Painting, rhythm wellness, meditation
  • Creating with Sandi: Art classes - ongoing or one day workshops, Expressive arts as self-therapy
beach drumming.jpg

Not just your average art class....

The best way to explain this to people?......

There is no way to explain the way this works.

But I can offer a few insights about this studio, the people who come through the door year-after year and how I teach in a very special way.

First, the studio...

I opened the doors as an art gallery in 2002 and began teaching in 2003. SO the evolution of what is taught and how it's taught has been directly impacted by the people who attend class. What does that mean?...If someone wanted to learn something, I taught it. and If I didn't know how to do it, I found a way to learn it so I could teach it. And that's how I still do this.


You might say that I am a life-long-learner and I am blessed to be able to share what I do in a space that has evolved along with the community that it supports.

We love all the art mediums! Everything from watercolor to oil and pastel to pencil. There isn't a medium (or mix of mediums) that we wouldn't play with! And we have a beautiful annual student exhibit to show off what we discover!

Second, the students


Our art families and how we welcome new members...

When a new student begins, we all do our best to be welcoming and curb the fear that is a huge part of beginning anything new. AS THE TEACHER, I begin with an assessment before we dive into any teaching. My philosophy is: how can I teach a student anything if I don't find out where they are and where they want to go? So we start by observing some painting and drawing (quick and simple and I don't grade!) This a stressful for most, but within a half hour they usually realize that it can be relaxing. AS A COMMUNITY, we simply offer kind words and space to explore whatever unfolds.

AND most importantly,

How I teach in a very unique way...

(enhanced by my ADD & other various charming personality traits!)

Over the past decade or so, as a teaching artist, I have discovered many ways that people learn. And since I have several learning "disabilities" myself, I am very empathetic with all learning styles. When my students would ask me how I am so patient?..I just picture me trying to learn....and it's always easy to be empathetic.

SO how is this class run different?.... Everyone is painting in different mediums and styles and at their own pace.

People ask me all the time...."HOW DOES THAT WORK?"  It just does!  and this is where ADD actually helps me!  I can move from one medium to the next and one focus to the next...with ease. This keeps my passion fired up and allows me to stay fresh for each individual that comes to the studio...

Next question?.....YES, THERE'S LOTS AND LOTS OF GUIDANCE!!...I promise.

It's a studio art class with LOTS of guidance  OR little guidance! How does that work?...

Students learn to ask for help. And we ALL need to learn this. It's important to know when we are in need of guidance and the studio offers a safe place to ask for what you need. For some, it's a certain kind of music, others need different lighting and most just need to know that they are not going to be ignored....I can help anyone, at any progress, get unstuck and learn how to express, create, explore and take the arts to any level.

Every student that comes to the studio has a vision of how they want to express and experience the arts and I allow that to exist in the same space and the same time! It is magical. For students who stick around for more than a month, it becomes clear that we all want the same things out of the class/studio and we all support by doing what a community does best when there is a facilitated program in place (subtle, but very well maintained as "safe space")

What do we all do to keep this studio maintained as a learning environment as well as a place to heal, grow and connect with yourself AND others?....

  • We listen to the instruction, even when it's not directed at our current project
  • We don't critique our artwork unless specifically asked by the person creating it
  • We offer support and hold space when someone is struggling
  • We don't talk politics or religion during class
  • We share art experiences and shopping tips when the sales are unbeatable!
  • We just breathe and feel better....that helps matter what

A special note for teen parents in search of an art class?....

Yes, they build a portfolio here....

and can design their own program according to what their needs are...


.......But let's really talk about the needs of a high school student?....STRESS REDUCTION!

This studio offers community and support! Over the years, our teens come back after college because they feel that themselves and to others. What is more important than that?

What's most important?.....College prep? Good grades? a good job?.... A Healthy, happy human?.....

As a mother of 5 and grandmother, I am writing to fill you in just a little if you think that our teens have a priority of grades and college prep....they need connection. They need to express and explore the world they live in. An art studio offers the most unique way to experience that.

Art is an invitation to connect and explore self's not just about the product.

What about college???...

Yes....we actually do make ALOT of art.....Where have students moved onto from our classes: Alfred, MIT, Potsdam, Purchase, and many more incredible academic institutions.


So to wrap this up?....

Send your teen to art classes, NOT because YOU know what they need from the art class.....But because THEY NEED TO EXPLORE THIS FOR THEMSELVES AND GROW INTO THE AMAZING, TALENTED, SKILLED, PRACTICED CREATORS...that you know they are inside.