Monday Night is dedicated to Expressive ARTS!

A therapeutic approach to self expression, connection and using art mediums for self discovery...

Imagine a creative space where you are invited to connect and share or just feel safe while supported by heart centered women who inspire healing and self discovery through a creative and cognitive process.

Art as therapy in an art studio! Here are your guides for this adventure....

Lisa Clancy-Bruce


Lisa is a psychotherapist at Clarity which is a private counseling practice in the village of Liverpool. Lisa's approach to therapy is from Family Systems perspective. Lisa works with individuals too help them achieve their next level of personal satisfaction and emotional wellness. In her practice she works with individuals, family and groups of all ages and situations.

Having a therapist on our creative support team offers a resource to people attending this 2 hour session at our expressive arts wellness center....

Lisa will work with members as a group to help process their individual expressive art experience. The idea is that individuals experiencing high emotions during their expressive art movements may have deep emotional vibrations that are non-verbal in nature; individuals may feel a need to process these emotions verbally in a safe therapeutic environment. Working in a group setting is much like a family, the hope is to  give individuals an opportunity to have self-trust while developing trusting relationships with others. Becoming self-aware of your emotions is a process and takes practice. Expressing in a group allows oneself to be vulnerable with others in a relationship while maintaining a self.     


Sandra Sabene  CRMT, CDCF

Meditative Painting with Sandra Sabene

This is an interactive art class offered to anyone seeking safe space to explore, express, relax and release through guided self-expression experiences.  

Sandra leads the group through guided activities, using music, active meditation and creative inspirations. All of which is designed to....

kayleen pic.jpg

Kayleen Spicer

The Courage to be Sane

A guided journaling workshop to help boost your bravery in the everyday.

We will explore our joys, irritants, hopes and failures with a hint of humor and a dose of honesty. I hope that you enter a state of being at peace with your thoughts and come away with a sense of serenity and calmness with a new approach to processing life as it comes at you. I aim to give everyone a chance to reflect, let out grief and laugh at ourselves for a truly cathartic and releasing exercise. We will come away seeing that the wonderful and the undesirable can exist side by side, and together we will affirm our own peace of mind.


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