Advanced Drawing and Painting Classes

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Drawing with pencil-  A 3 hour skill-building opportunity

for advanced and intermediate art students.  Your instructor will offer demonstration/lecture for pencil drawing/composition/values/style. The class will practice and we will enjoy a productive class critique.  Each class will offer experience in a variety of subjects including landscape, still life and other.

 Two 3 hour classes $50

 Date: TBA

Composition Course- What makes the best composition....

A one day workshop for students working on drawings and/or paintings in progress. What to do next? How do I know if it’s done? Where can I improve this piece?  Would this be stronger if…..? These and more questions are answered and applied during this 4 hour workshop (215 minute breaks).  We will offer hands-on or hands –off demonstration/guidance for each individual. Small class size offers individual attention.  Enjoy your free reference materials which will become a staple in your artistic toolbox for creating stronger compositions in any medium.

  One 4 hour class$60


Understanding Color-  Sandra will guide students thru the steps of understanding choosing the right color, achieving depth through color, simplifying your color palette and when these skills will best be incorporated into our paintings/drawings. This is not color  theory, but we will practice some mixing tools which will help you begin to understand more about color theory as applicable to your artwork.

Two  3 hour classes   $60


Color Theory-  Intensive 9 week course offering students step-by-step guide into the use, creation and application of color. This information is applicable to any medium. We will use many mediums throughout the course. All supplies in class are included, but students will be purchasing products throughout the course (wholesale totaling $50-150) depending on choice of medium. All basic supply needs of this course are included. Additional supplies offer students opportunities to continue practicing at home. (Keep Color mixing charts with formulas, useable tools for skill building).

Six weeks   3 hour classes    $180 for current students   /  $260 for non LAC students