DAYS: Tu, Wed, OR Th

10am - 12pm

EVES: Tu, Wed, OR Th

6:30pm - 8:30pm

$80/month for ongoing once-a-week classes

Please register at least one week prior to desired start date.

This will also require your first months payment.

(standard supplies included for painting/drawing)

he first class is an intro to the studio and your classmates along with some fun guided activities that will help you set goals, choose a medium to start with and assess your skill level.

You'll paint a little, draw a little and then the real fun begins!

Our studio is set up for anyone who is a little afraid to start AND those who just can't wait to start! The supportive, non-judgmental teaching philosophy offers students an opportunity to set their own pace and discover their own unique style, creative process and approach.

How does that work?  It just does. For over a decade we have inspired 100s of CNY creatives to explore their inner creative side. Some for a pursuit in the art field, some for therapy purposes and other just for fun. So you can trust us when we say that it's the most efficient way to introduce our creative community to the arts. So give it a try!  Sign up for a month!

Student Resources:

Paints, videos and virtual mixer:

Materials for watercolor, oils, acrylic: