The 2-Day Sound Meditation Facilitator Training is a great option for anyone interested in alternative approaches for:

  • Managing their own stress and anxiety

  • Offering innovative approaches to others for managing stress and anxiety

  • Inspiring connection and self-discovery

  • Exploring ways to lead creative expression events

  • Leading self-development workshops for students, clients, staff, patients and community members

The training offers an easy-to-customize, goal-structured curriculum. It is ideal for existing and newly formed groups. Our workshops are enjoyed by participants in all of these settings: schools, hospitals, sober living communities, businesses, community centers, colleges, libraries, senior living residences, wellness centers, spiritual communities, veterans services, youth centers, summer camps, cafes, campgrounds, gyms, conferences, retreats, fairs, and festivals.


This training is perfect for a variety of people, including if you are

  • New to meditation

  • New to vibrational healing

  • New to wellness events

  • An accomplished musician

  • A healthcare or mental health professional

  • A music teacher looking to network & learn new approaches

  • Someone in search of creative, self-development programs

2-Day Certification: September 21-22, 2019

CR Sound Meditation Event dates:


As a result of your training...

You Will Know

  • How to facilitate using the most useful sound tools for wellness programs

  • How to create a variety of events focused on relaxation and self-awareness

  • How to develop your own style using the CRF Sound Meditation Certification Manual

You Will Be Able to

  • Set up event space for success

  • Lead with intentional goals

  • Grow and maintain a wellness community

Requirements to Become an Certified Creative Rhythms Sound Meditation Facilitator:

  • A desire to inspire through guided sound wellness techniques

  • Attend 2-Day Training for Sound Meditation Facilitation

  • Registration & Participation in the CRF Graduate Retreat


SOUND MEDITATION: Sep 21-22, 2019—$200

IMPORTANT NOTES: Check training dates before registering. PayPal account is not required for purchase. You will be including a $300 deposit for the graduate retreat plus the fee for the 2 day training. Payment arrangements can be made VIA email to complete registration. All fees must be paid in full by November 15th. Completion of the retreat is required for this certification.


Learn more about the CR Facilitator’s Graduate Retreat 2019

The 4 days are an immersion designed to create a solid foundation for you to begin facilitating with confidence. You will feel supported within a network of experienced wellness practitioners and community leaders.

The weekend is packed with chances to co-facilitate with peers & team leaders. These are invaluable opportunities to test-drive your skills in a supportive environment.

We are SO excited that you are planning to enroll in our Expressive Arts Facilitator Certification! Here’s a little Q&A section to answer a few more questions you may have. Feel free to call or email us with any questions.

Q: Why blend art, rhythm, & meditation?

A: We nourish our whole selves by exploring a variety of creative pathways. Self-expression is an invitation to explore how we feel, what's ready to shift, & how we can connect with ourselves and others on a deeper level.

The specialties offer a unique "whole self" training experience when you blend more than one of these opportunities into your custom training program.

  • Creative Rhythms specialties are offered in the form of the 2-Day trainings.

  • In order to complete any of the training levels, you will select a specialty by deciding which 2-Day Training/s you’ll attend: expressive arts, sound meditation, or rhythm.

  • You may select one, or all specialties. depending on which training level best fits your interests and goals.

  • During each 2-day training, you will learn how to use these tools for "self-care.

Q:What are the requirements for the full Sound Meditation Certification:

A: To earn our Sound Meditation Facilitation Certification, you must attend

  • One, 2-Day Training for Sound Meditation Facilitation;

  • A few sound meditation events held at the Liverpool Arts Center; and

  • The Creative Rhythms Graduate Retreat.

Q: What’s the difference between the 2-day training and the full training with the retreat:

A: The difference is the amount of experience & confidence you’ll gain. By attending the 2-Day Sound Meditation training, you’ll learn how to present expressive arts events for wellness. The Creative Rhythms Graduate Retreat is designed to amplify your knowledge & experience. At the retreat, you will create, design, & co-facilitate expressive arts events with experienced team leaders. By completing the full program, you become a member of the Creative Rhythms community and be added to the Creative Rhythms Facilitators for Hire List. Throughout the year, you’ll also be invited to co-facilitate with our team leaders.

More about the Retreat:

The weekend is a complete immersion, designed to offer support and guidance as you run modules with the attendees. You will facilitate your own specialty during parts of the weekend. This is an exciting opportunity for you to fine-tune your facilitation skills, leadership style, and the flow of your program—all before beginning to facilitate your own live events.

There will be plenty of time for self-care, meditation, and connection with our new CRFT Family! By the last day of the retreat, you will feel confident in your presentation, and we offer continued support to help you grow.

Q: Can I come to the retreat late or leave early?

A: Please plan to attend the entire retreat. Because of its experiential design, it is necessary to attend each day to get the most out of the program. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are full-day trainings, packed with chances to co-facilitate with peers & team leaders. These are invaluable opportunities to test-drive your skills in a supportive environment.

Monday offers an incredible closing ceremony which integrates all that you and the other facilitators have worked towards. You don’t want to miss this!

The only day which is flexible is Thursday. Arrival is 4pm. Please email us if you have concerns about the Graduate Retreat schedule.

To get the most out of the retreat, full-attendance is strongly recommended.


Q: Can I just take the 2-Day Sound Meditation Training?

A: Yes. You can sign up just for the Sound Meditation weekend training.

  1. You will receive the certificate with training hours.

  2. It’s a certificate of achievement & qualifies you to be an Apprentice Level Expressive Arts Facilitator.

What’s the difference? The difference is that you will not be a Certified Creative Rhythms Facilitator for Hire. But, you can continue attending sound meditation events to stay connected. Eventually, if you decide to attend a future Graduate Retreat, you can complete your training to be on the CR Facilitator List for Hire.

Q: If I take just the 2-Day workshop, that means I have completed that part of the requirement, but not the full-program to be able to teach as a CR Facilitator?

A: That is correct. The Graduate Retreat is required to qualify for the CR Facilitator List for Hire.


Q: If I'm unable to attend in December, when would the next retreat likely be?

A: The Retreats will likely always be in December. But as the team grows, we may eventually add a spring retreat.


Q: Once I attend the retreat, what's the next step?

A: We add your contact information to our list of CRF for Sound Meditation, and we will contact you with any programs seeking facilitators in your specialty.

Q: Do I have to get re-certified?

A: If you do not facilitate within a 12 month period, and you want to remain on the list for hire, you can renew your certification with a 2-Day certification training. It’s the same training for for the Apprentice Expressive Arts Facilitator.

Q: Do I set up my own events, or only partake in events with the team leaders?

A: You can use your certification as a Creative Rhythms Expressive Arts Facilitator to

  • create your own program using our brand and references in the industry, &

  • network with a long list of experienced facilitators to co-facilitate events, retreats, workshops and more.

Q: Does LAC reach out to the facilitators when approached by a group that wants the class to see if they are available to facilitate the event?

A: : YES! This is why we created this facilitator training! The industry is booming & there are more opportunities than the LAC has time to book. Instead of turning down opportunities, we want to recommend highly trained professionals, like graduates of our own Creative Rhythms.

Q: Is there a limited amount of facilitators that will be trained? 

A: Yes. The Creative Rhythms Expressive Arts Facilitator training is limited to 5 enrollees per year.


Q: Will the trainings be offered again in the future?

A: YES! The 2-Day trainings will be offered twice annually. That is true for all three specialty certifications.


Q: I would be interested in the sound and meditation program too, but I cannot attend both 2-Day trainings. If offered again in the future, would I have to attend the retreat again?

A: Yes. The retreat is designed to create an environment for facilitators-in-training to explore and expand their programs & to build confidence in their facilitation styles and skills. This applies to all 3 specialties.

Q: For the Meditative Painting Facilitator training, would the CR Rhythm Wellness courses count, or is that more for the drumming facilitator training?

A: Each specialty has its own manual, course outline and goals.

Q: Can I take all three specialties in one year?

A: Yes! And, by doing so you will become a TEAM LEADER with Creative Rhythms. During this 12-month commitment, you must satisfy the requirements for the following specialties: advanced rhythm wellness, expressive arts, and sound healing. You must also attend the Graduate Retreat.

Q: Will there be more dates added for Sound Meditation than what is currently listed? 

A: YES! We add dates frequently as our schedule allows. Get on our email list for event announcements


Q: Do I have to attend the the Sound Meditation before the weekend training, or just before the retreat?

A: Before the retreat. You can attend the weekend training without any experience


Q: The sound meditation I attended in 2017, probably does count towards the requirement, right?

A: No. All requirements need to be met within a 12-month period.